Free Scene Files For Houdini

Dive into Houdini with this free project by Bastian J. Schiffer. Sign up for a free Greyscalegorilla account to explore powerful 3D assets and recreate this stunning short film.

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Get These Houdini Scene Files For FREE

We’ve teamed up with Bastian J. Schiffer, a renowned 3D artist, to bring you this epic starter project designed exclusively for Houdini! Originally created for OFFF 2024, these scene files come from Schiffer’s ‘Breathe’ short film.

Everything you need to get started! This project comes complete with Greyscalegorilla materials, lighting, and access to our Free Library, so you can follow along with Bastian and create your own unique render!

How To Use The Houdini Scene File

Ready to render? Follow along with Bastian’s presentation on Houdini’s official YouTube channel, to make your own version of this short film.