Greyscalegorilla Five Second Projects Are Back!

To celebrate the launch of our newest products, we are excited to announce the return of the Five Second Project! 

by Greyscalegorilla on April 12, 2023


Winner Winner!

Congratulations to Max Schwarck (@keny_3d) and Frederic Andres (@_3druid_) for winning the Crazy Cloth Five Second Project! Check out their winning 5 second animations below…

What Is The Five Second Project?

Thousands of 3D artists have submitted animations to the Five Second Project over the years. It’s a way for you to try out a new technique, software, or style. Each project is given a unique theme and hashtag. It’s up to you to interpret the theme and to create a 5 second animation that fits within the topic.

There are 4 strict guidelines to follow:

  1. It MUST be a 3D animation
  2. Stay within the theme
  3. It has to be EXACTLY 5 seconds!
  4. Submit to Instagram using the directions below…


How Do I Enter the Five Second Project?

The Five Second Project Crazy Cloth has ended. Please check back for the next Five Second Project theme.



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