Learn How to Get Render-Time Booleans in Arnold

Learn how Chad drilled holes out of this board using Clip Geo in Arnold.

by Chad Ashley

Let’s Drill Some Holes

Follow along with Chad Ashley as he walks you through creating and adding textures to this Pegboard. Beginning with a simple board, first Chad will show you how to drill out the holes in Arnold. The Clip Geo feature will allow you to use render-time booleans to “chop out” the holes really fast. You’ll use trace sets to assign different effects to different objects and keep the bouncing spheres from also being chopped. Next, you’ll customize your pegboard using Modern Surface Material Collection woods, adding a plywood edge, and rounding the corners to give it a more man-made look.

Additionally, Chad will show you another method to create this drilled plywood. He will walk you through using booleans, a universal way to get the same outcome.

Finally, you’ll use MSMC to add materials to the floor, hero sphere, and bouncing spheres. Choose from the MSMC color swatches to customize your pegboard scene.


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  2. Jeff ChengJuly 13, 2021 at 4:44 am

    Hey I just curious how did you select the polygons inside the hole in 4:44 ? thank you

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