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Make a Photoreal Game Boy in 3D with Unreal Engine

by Greyscalegorilla

Game On! Create nostalgic renders with this Game Boy Color project.

We’ve teamed up with renowned 3D artist Clinton Jones, AKA Pwnisher, to bring you this epic Game Boy scene file designed exclusively for Unreal Engine!

The free scene comes complete with Greyscalegorilla materials and lighting. You also get access to our FREE library of materials so you can follow along with this amazing tutorial and create your own unique Game Boy render.

Let’s turn it over to Clint to tell us more about this project…

What a fun project! The nostalgia levels were deep no doubt! This one is for my Unreal Engine folks out there, and anyone trying to get into the program for the first time. I know how difficult it is to get started so I hope this video gives you the inspiration you need to keep pushing forward. We’re covering alot as you can see from the long chapter list below, and if you guys have any questions please hit me up in the comments below!

01:24 Digging for Memories (Reference)
02:34 Modeling
04:41 Getting Started in UE
UE Navigation
05:58 Optimize your UE Scene
07:12 RTX Reflections
08:10 Plugins
08:39 Lighting
10:17 Greyscalegorilla (Free Project Files)
11:34 Texturing
15:15 Surface Imperfections
16:53 The Game Cartridge
17:46 Gobos
19:15 Animation
21:31 Pathtracer vs. Lit
Render Settings
24:07 Final Results + Weekly Challenge

Edit by Matt Esteron
3D Modeling by MDK

GameBoy Animation Sound Design by
Kevin Senzaki‬

How to Use this Free Scene File

With a free Greyscalegorilla account, you get 50 free 3D assets to use in any project. The free library includes materials, textures, 3D models, HDRI, and more! Unlock over 5000 more assets when you join Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Once logged in to your Free account, you can access and download the free Game Boy scene file above.

Once downloaded, you can open your free scene file with Unreal Engine 5.

That’s… uh. That’s pretty much it. You’re in.

You can follow along with Pwnisher’s tutorial and really dive into the modeling, lighting, and texturing process in full depth. Enjoy!

With this scene file you can easily create stunning 3D renders like these.

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