One-Click Scripts for a Faster C4D Workflow!

With a single click you can change your Cinema 4D camera lenses or object rotation using these Greyscalegorilla Plus scripts.

by Greyscalegorilla on April 17, 2024

Enhance Your Cinema 4D Workflow

Did you know that you can easily rotate and adjust your camera lens with scripts from Greyscalegorilla Plus?

Discover these hidden gems that could revolutionize your Cinema 4D workflow! Follow along with Nick Campbell and learn how you can work faster in C4D with our Lens Tools and Rotation Tools.

What Will I Learn?

This video covers the following major topics:

  • Installation and Accessing Tools: Learn how to install and access the Rotate and Lens scripts from Greyscalegorilla Plus. 
  • Customization and Docking: Learn how to dock tools and customize the interface for easier access in future projects.
  • Usage of Rotation Tools: Understand the practical use of rotation tools, including zeroing out object rotations and flipping objects in different directions. 
  • Lens Tools Functionality: Learn the functionality of lens tools, including adjusting black bars for framing scenes and quickly changing camera lens types to achieve different visual effects. 
  • Application in Projects: See how these tools can be applied practically in projects, such as adjusting camera lenses for tabletop or product shoots to minimize distortion and achieve desired visual effects.

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