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City Kit

Custom 3D architecture and cities built from the ground up in Cinema 4D.

Exclusive to Plus Membership

Towering cities at your fingertips

Cityscapes trusted by Stark Industries and Iron Man himself.

Iron man

Key Features

More Control Than a City Planner

Elevate your cities with hundreds of different configurations, controlling the shape and size of your city.

Day to Night Lighting

With built-in lighting rigs included, find that perfect time of day or night for your render.

More Than Just Flat Cities

Add Cities to curves and shapes for urban Mograph looks

Trusted By Marvel's Avengers

“City Kit’s Custom Area was essential to inserting ILM’s model of Stark Tower when the Avenger's story-points called for the focus to be located on a certain building.”

Jayse Hansen,
UI / UX Designer

Product Details


  • 50 building types
  • Shape and size controls
  • Day and night lighting presets
  • Downtown falloff
  • Add custom building geometry
  • Presets for instant looks


  • Cinema 4D R20-S24
  • Standard / Physical Renderer


  • Cinema 4D plugin
  • 177MB file size
  • Single-user license

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