Topcoat Product Training

by Greyscalegorilla

Welcome to Topcoat Product Training

Our online training will guide you through the features and functions of this time-saving creation plugin. In this series of videos you will learn about:

  • Quickstart
  • What’s New in Topcoat 1.5
  • Topcoat vs. Reflectance
  • Metals and Anisotropy Tabs
  • Modifiers Tab
  • Bumps, Blurs, Masks and Tabs

Happy learning and happy rendering!

1. Quickstart

Get a Quick Start in Greyscalegorilla’s Topcoat Plugin for Cinema 4D.


We can help! Full installation instructions and technical support can be found below. Enjoy!

2. What’s New in 1.5

Learn about features added into the latest version of Topcoat.

3. Topcoat vs. Reflectance

Learn about how Topcoat can help you speed up your render vs. the standard reflectance channel.

4. Metals and Anisotropy Tabs

Learn about the Metals and Anisotropy Tabs in Topcoat for Cinema 4D.

5. Modifiers

Learn about Modifiers in Greyscalegorilla’s Topcoat Plugin for Cinema 4D.

6. Bumps, Blurs, and Masks

Learn about Bumps, Blurs, and Masks in Greyscalegorilla’s Topcoat Plugin for Cinema 4D.

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