Using Volume Displacement in Cinema 4D and Arnold

March 13, 2019

Turn a Polymesh object into a surreal celestial render using C4D noise and Volume Displacement in Arnold.

Using Volume Displacement in Cinema 4D and Arnold - Hand

In this quick tutorial, Shawn Astrom shows you how to turn a polymesh model into a Lee Griggs style render. You can also refer to the Arnold documentation here to take a deeper dive into the process.

Let’s dive in.

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  • Very cool tutorial. Thanks!

  • very nice! But now a tutorial for users of the standard renderer please.
    Not everyone is using Arnold …
    GSG is forgetting more and more the ‘normal’ users of C4D!

    • Thank you for supporting us, we are listening! We haven’t forgotten about “normal” C4D users. Though none of us are really that normal 🙂 We have plans on doing more non-rendering specific tuts soon. Until then, we have a huge library of non-3rd party rendering tuts on the site. Have you checked those out?

  • Thank you Greyscalegorilla for another tutorial! Arnold really rocks and is a great and reliable render engine.

    And you at Greyscalegorilla are great!

  • I work at a small agency, a large bit of my tasks are creating visual content for social. I have sometimes as little as 2 hrs per post, but average about 4 hrs per post. I dont have the time to use my CPU to see how everything works, or time and budget to use a render farm. It would be nice not to crash so much, but thats the trade off. At $20/month, I imagine a lot of your audience is using Octane.

  • Really cool tutorial?Thanks a lot? How Redshift can do this?

  • Any way of using Xparticles Explosia for the displacement?

  • very good tut, Thanks u

  • Definitely can make the volume using explosia. I did that last night. I was trying to accomplish this in redshift and one we got into the node editor, I was lost. I really want to achieve this in redshift.

  • Great tut, thanks for sharing. I’m having a problem where i get these straight horizontal lines in the volume. Playing w/ Contrast/Bias/Gain doesn’t seem to remove them. Have you seen this? Any suggestions?

  • Can’t find the volume mesh tag. Is that a new tag in the most up to date Arnold?

  • Can it be transpose to Redshift? It’ll be great.
    Ideas anyone?
    Thanks you!!

  • Hi, great tutorial thank you but ? have a problem, I don’t have Noise Shader in C4d shaders tab what should I do, any idea?
    Thank you!

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