Putting the III in 3D: How William The Third blends Futurism and Surrealism

Dive into the surreal and futuristic world of 3D artist William Willoughby III, from his artistic roots to his success in the crypto art space.

by Greyscalegorilla


Meet William Willoughby III

William Willoughby III, a 3D artist known for his surreal and futuristic creations, has been passionate about art since childhood. He began with sketching and photo manipulation, but now he’s building mind-bending worlds in 3D. Not only does he create incredible art (think: futuristic landscapes meets playful dreamscapes), but he also shares free resources to help fellow artists.



Chatting with William The Third

Greyscalegorilla: How did you get started in 3D design?

William Willoughby III: I started doing 3D work back in 2016, a friend (Godfrey Meyer III) showed me Cinema 4D and some Greyscalegorilla Tutorials and I was hooked. I began doing album covers then moved into my own everyday artwork.




GSG: What would you like our audience to know about you?

WW: The pull toward the visual arts started at age 4 with the love for sketching and the fascination of creating something from nothing. My passion for visual arts and practice of sketching eventually developed into a mastery of digital art software like Photoshop, where I honed my photo manipulation techniques. I pivoted to the world of 3D art, using Cinema 4D and Substance Designer to create work with a blend of surrealism, futurism, crypto art, and digital landscapes.

Learn more about William The Third’s journey into 3D.




GSG: How has Greyscalegorilla Plus helped you?

WW: Greyscalegorilla tutorials help me skip the learning curve in a major way. I’d never worked in the 3D space before. GSG taught me the fundamentals and guided me in the right direction to learn C4D the right way. My favorite tool from GSG would be Light Kit Pro and the material/texture selection found in the Plus Library.




To see more of William’s incredible work, follow @art_by_williamthethird on Instagram.



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