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“When GSG plus was launched I wasn’t sure about another subscription. 1 year in & renewing was a no brainer.”

Matt Milstead,
Owner of Nexus Motion and Mograph.com
GSG Plus is a MUST

“It has become increasingly evident that GSG Plus is a MUST if you're using C4D.”

Christian Prieto,
Motion Designer from LA
It makes me more money.

“I use it without fail every project and it saves me an incalculable amount of time. It makes me more money.”

Laurence Chase,
Freelance 2d & 3d Motion Graphics Artist
Literally the best service for 3D Artists

“Literally the best service for 3D Artists, especially freelancers.”

Eddy Klaus,
Freelance Motion Designer

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Let’s make your scenes come to life. With pro lighting, materials and believable camera shake

Audition 100s of unique looks using our plugins. So you can drastically speed up your workflows. And create more photorealistic renders.

Plugins compatible with:

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Light Kit Pro

C4D Plugin

Create Studio-Quality lighting setups right within Cinema 4D.

Get me my lighting studio


C4D Plugin

Instantly change your lighting and reflections to create any mood with this unique plugin.

Speed up my HDRI workflow
Beeple Bot Walk Collage


C4D Plugin

Add realistic and natural camera movements to your scenes instantly. (Render by Beeple)

Get me that real camera shake

Signal 3.0

C4D Plugin

Create complex animations without keyframes. New update exclusively in Plus. (Render by Smearballs)

Get me those fast animations
Make Animation Easy

“Signal is a must-have tool for every motion designer.”

Luca G

Browse Materials

Let's make beautiful renders, fast.

Give your projects the kind of oomph that wows clients – instantly. We have opinions about the subtleties of paper. We know what’s on trend for car paint. We’re ahead of the latest in stylish mid-century patterns, which you’ll see in our collections and use to produce beautifully realistic renders quickly.

Materials are compatible with:

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  • Redshift logo

Wood Material Collection Volume 1

50 hand-crafted wood materials, including Oak, Ash, Maple, Pecan, and more. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to better wood

Paper Material Collection

40 different hand-crafted papers available ranging from butcher paper to crepe paper, watercolor paper to graph paper. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to Better Paper

Terrazzo Material Collection

80 high quality bold terrazzo materials, using 40 distinct color combinations in both dense and subtle dispersions. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to Bold Colors

Metal Material Collection

100 high quality materials encompassing a wide range of metals and metallic finishes. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to Better Metal

Neon Material Collection

10 top-notch Cinema 4D materials designed to be true, brilliant neon. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to a glow up

Car Paint Material Collection

38 custom-built car paint materials for all of your automotive render needs (and beyond.) Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to better car renders

Tech Product Material Collection

86 high-quality materials for product visualization in Cinema 4D. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to faster Product Viz

Surface Imperfections: Dust

25 high-resolution textures to add some dust to your perfect surfaces in Cinema 4D. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

Yes to more dust

Surface Imperfections: Smudges

50 high-resolution textures to add smudges, smears, and water damage to your perfect 3D surfaces, giving them depth and realism.

Yes to dirtier surfaces

Surface Imperfections: Scratches

50 high resolution textures to add scratches, dents, and dings to your highly polished 3D surfaces, giving them depth and realism. Install with a click using the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library.

Yes to scratched up surfaces

Modern Surface Material Collection

The latest head-turning trends together in one collection. Get 276 drag-and-drop materials in categories like Ceramic, Metal, Paper, Stone, Terrazzo, Wood and many more patterns. Get 48 color palettes. (Render by Omar Aquil)

Yes to faster modern scenes

Everyday material collection

The collection you’ll use for literally everything. Get 362 drag-and-drop materials in categories like Car Paint, Ceramic, Concrete, Metal, Fabric, Glass, Liquid, Masonry, Organic, Plastic and Wood.

Yes to faster everyday scenes

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Licensing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Installing, using, and upgrading your software is actually rather simple with Greyscalegorilla.

Say hey! We’ll say hey back within 24 hours

Any question you have. Any time you have it. Just reach out through our support portal. Need account help or technical support? We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We promise to answer within 24 hours, Monday-Friday (Chicago – Central Standard Time).


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