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See how 3D artists use the curated assets from our Online Library in ANY 3D application.

by Greyscalegorilla on November 28, 2023

The Greyscalegorilla Plus Online Library allows artists to use our diverse collection of over 4000+ 3D assets in ANY 3D application. Here are some of our favorite videos showing off how to use Greyscalegorilla Plus to create stunning lighting, materials, and renders in different 3D applications.

Greyscalegorilla In Blender

See how Ducky3D creates great lighting and renders with Greyscalegorilla HDRIs, Gobos, and Materials.

Greyscalegorilla In Houdini

Learn how to create this amazing Clay Animation in Houdini and see how Mark Fancher uses our assets to finish this scene in Karma.

Greyscalegorilla In Unreal Engine

Create this amazing Gameboy scene in Unreal Engine with Clint and Greyscalegorilla Assets. Be sure to sign up for a free account to download this scene file and follow along.

Use Gobos In Unreal Engine

Check out how to use light gobos in Unreal Engine with this short tutorial from Winbush.

Greyscalegorilla in Cinema 4D

I’m sure you know, but we have been creating a ton of videos for years showing how to create amazing Cinema 4D renders using our Assets and Plugins. Head to our YouTube channel to watch over 350 tutorials and videos.

Here is one of our recent favorites showing how to create this popular Pile of Doodads scene using Cinema 4D and Redshift.

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