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See how Greyscalegorilla Plus handles the technical parts of 3D, allowing artists, like Nocky Dinh, to dive right into the creative process!

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Meet Nocky Dinh

Nocky Dinh, a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer, incorporates Greyscalegorilla Plus into her daily workflow. Plus is the ultimate creative toolkit for all the resources she frequently uses, making her workflow smoother and helping her get things done faster. Not to mention, the tools handle all the nitty-gritty stuff she’d rather not bother with, allowing her to get right to the fun part!


Chatting with Nocky Dinh

GSG: Why do you use Greyscalegorilla Plus?

ND: I use Greyscalegorilla Plus because it’s the one central place for a lot of the resources that I frequently use. And they help speed up my workflow…significantly! They also regularly update all of the plugins and the materials so it works when Cinema 4D is rolling out new versions. So it’s really easy to just go to one place, click update, and it does its thing. Instead of having to go on the website, redownload everything, and reinstall everything manually.

Another thing I like to do a lot, whenever Greyscalegorilla releases new materials for example, I like to download them and look through how they set it up. And that’s also another way to learn how to create from a basic material to a really complex one.

Not to mention, Greyscalegorilla Plus also has a lot of in-depth tutorials. When I first transitioned from full-time staff to being a freelancer, I was using Octane and I realized that a lot of the studios I was talking to at the time were using Redshift. And so, Greyscalegorilla was a great place to go to have a really thorough walkthrough about Redshift.

GSG: What was life like before Greyscalegorilla Plus?

ND: Life before Plus was quite chaotic sometimes. I do have a folder where I put all the resources, like materials that I’ve purchased and plugins that I’ve purchased, but everytime Cinema 4D upgrades to the new versions, then you have to go through manually and download updated versions. And then, for example materials, you kind of have to set it up manually. Those are the things that were fun when you first learned it, but when you’re on a job, you just want to get through it quickly. And those are the tasks you just don’t want to have to think about and just get right to the fun part. Which is customizing or modifying the materials, modifying the lights, instead of having to set it up from scratch.

GSG: What Greyscalegorilla tools do you use the most?

ND: I use HDRI Link A LOT. I love lighting. That’s my favorite part. And in my workflow, I start with a dome light and through HDRI Link I can just audition different setups. Which will either act as the foundation for my scenes or the base for the mood that I’m thinking of. Then I will go in and add detail lights for the scenes depending on what it needs.

Signal is also a very powerful plugin that I was lucky enough to be introduced to on a job. I remember using it the first time and it completely blew my mind! It helped speed up these ambient motions that you can layer on top to make it very complicated without any keyframes!

Other tools from Plus that I use quite a lot are the materials. Especially the common materials like woods, fabrics, concrete and the Everyday Material Collection. It’s so nice to have them just one click away and I can just easily audition them throughout the scenes. I can also use it as a base layer and add on top more customized details. For example, Cookie is my dog and I wanted her character to be made out of wood, but I also wanted these extra hand-drawn lines on top of her body. I used one of the wood materials as the base and then layered on top for more customization and added my little touch to it.

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  1. Robert WalkerFebruary 21, 2024 at 11:08 am

    I checked out Nocky Dinh’s mograph demo – she is REALLY good.

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