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Plugins For Cinema 4D

Award-winning Cinema 4D plugins trusted by professional artists, studios, and major corporations.

  • Award-winning lighting plugins
  • Complex animation made easy
  • Photo-realistic renders in minutes
  • Get them all and save over $300

Must-Have Plugins To Speed Up Your 3D Workflow

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Our Plugins are compatible with Cinema 4D and major render engines
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Lighting Plugins

Create realistic and creative lighting for your next project with these easy to use plugins.
Light Kit Pro
Included with Plus

Create instant studio lighting for your next render. The all-time best-selling studio lighting plugin for Cinema 4D.

Get Light Kit Pro
Included with Plus

Create realistic lighting and reflections in Arnold, Redshift, and Octane.

Get HDRI Link
HDRI Studio Rig
Included with Plus

Cinema 4D lighting and reflections made easy for Standard and Physical renderer. Browse and add HDRI in an instant.

Get HDRI Studio Rig
Speed Through Projects

“Having studio presets at my fingertips speeds up my workflow ten-fold.”

Mark C

Animation Plugins

Create natural and complex animations without the need for tedious keyframes.
Included with Plus

Creativity without Keyframes. Easily create loops, stop-motion effects, or time your animation to music.

Get Signal
Beeple Bot Walk Collage
Included with Plus

Create natural, cinematic camera moves to your 3D cameras with this Cinema 4D plugin.

Get GorillaCam
Included with Plus

Create easy to control animations and transitions that help you make complex motion graphics in seconds.

Get Transform
Make Animation Easy

“Signal is a must-have tool for every motion designer.”

Luca G

Creation Plugins

Instantly build urban landscapes and complex reflectance materials with these plugins.
City Kit
Included with Plus

Create an entire city with just a click. Custom 3D architecture and cities built from the ground up in Cinema 4D.

Get City Kit
GSG dude
Included with Plus

Create realistic reflectance in Cinema 4D with this powerful material building plugin.

Get Topcoat
Use It Everyday

“I have Topcoat docked in my layout. I'm always throwing on and layering things. ”

Ryan D,

Get All Our Plugins with the Plugin Suite and Save $300

  • Light Kit Pro$299
  • HDRI Link$99
  • HDRI Studio Rig$149
  • Signal$149
  • GorillaCam$149
  • Transform$199
  • City Kit$149
  • Topcoat$149
  • Total Purchased Separately$1,342.00
  • Plugins Suite$1,039

Get it all and Save

Save over $300 when you get all of our Cinema 4D Plugins.
Best ValuePlugin Suite

Includes: Light Kit Pro, HDRI Link, HDRI Studio Rig, Signal, GorillaCam, Transform, City Kit, and Topcoat

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