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HDRI Studio Rig

Cinema 4D lighting and reflections made easy. Browse and add HDRI, then rotate, adjust, and place them in the perfect position.

  • Beautiful Lighting in Physical Renderer
  • Perfect Seamless Floors
  • Works with all of our HDRI Collections
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Browse and apply HDRI lighting in seconds.

Instantly find your favorite Greyscalegorilla HDRI and add them to your Cinema 4D Standard and Physical render scenes.


Key Features

Browse Hundreds of HDRI in Seconds

Often imitated, never duplicated. This is THE best solution for combing through HDRI and applying and testing different looks.

Beautiful Seamless Floors

Create professional studio quality backdrops and seamless floors.

Separate Brightness and Reflections

Need a brighter light on your object, but don’t want to adjust the reflection? Adjust these settings separately to find the perfect look.

Take Control of Shadows

Use the C4D Shadow Catcher to adjust or remove shadows from your scene.


Blur the HDRI in your scene to create better Global Illumination effects.

Rotation Preview

Adjust your HDRI live with Rotation Preview and see what you lighting looks like before hitting render.

Simple and Quick Lighting

“Simplifies my life. HDRI Studio Rig helped me get the look I wanted.”

Travis T

Product Details


  • HDRI Browser
  • 70 HDRI Included
  • C4D Shadow Catcher
  • Seamless floor controls
  • Render setting presets
  • Simple sliders
  • Separate brightness and reflections
  • HDRI blur
  • Fill light
  • Color correction controls


  • Cinema 4D R14 and up
  • Greyscalegorilla HDRI Collections
  • Standard / Physical Renderer
  • Not compatible with third-party render engines (See HDRI Link)


  • Cinema 4D Plugin
  • Version 2.148SB
  • 360MB file size
  • Single-user license

Unlock Hundreds of HDRI

HDRI Studio Rig is compatible with all Greyscalegorilla HDRI Collections, a growing collection of over 500 high-dynamic-range images.

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