Plus Exclusive

Material Collection

Volume One

100 high quality materials encompassing a wide range of metals and metallic finishes. Compatible with Arnold, Octane, and Redshift in Cinema 4D. Install with a click through the Plus Library.

$199 value exclusive to Greyscalegorilla Plus members.

Included with Plus Membership

Render metals like never before

Materials are all in the details, and this collection won’t disappoint, with subtle detail at every curve (literally). These Metals react to the curvature of your model, giving you dark nooks and crannies where dirt tends to gather. Greyscalegorilla Metals has more under the hood than your average metal.


109 Metal Materials

Over 100 metals, ranging from shiny to rusty, and every shade in between.

Customizable Curvature Maps

Many of these materials have custom curvature maps, allowing you to adjust the fine detailing in intricacies of your model.

Pairs Perfectly with other Material Collections

Apply these with a click using our Plus Library. And then try out some more. Mix and Match with over 1,400 other materials available in Plus. Just drag, drop, and repeat.

Brushed Metal Finishes

Get that perfect brushed anodized finish. Customize the color for your needs.

Patterned Metals

Add a touch of design to your metal with a variety of perforated looks. Create patterns, allow light to enter, or give things some ventilation.

Oily and Dirty Metals

Oil stains are authentic…and messy. Keep your hands clean and use our dirty or oily metals to grunge up your models.

Dented metals

Beautifully dented metal surfaces at your fingertips. Whether it be a damaged look or beautifully hammered surfaces, you have options.

Corroded Metals

From light patinas to fully rusted, we have a range of corroded metals to age your model by a few years (or centuries.)

Painted Metals

If you need a nicely painted metal or one that was weathered the elements, we have you covered.

Drag and drop over 800 materials (and counting)

Spend less time installing, more time creating. Get instant access to this collection and others through the Plus Library, exclusively for Plus members.

Product Details


  • 109 Drag-and-Drop Materials
  • Fully Assembled, Less Hassle
  • Brushed Finishes
  • Patterned Metals
  • Corroded Metals
  • Dented Metals
  • Oily Metals
  • Dirty Metals
  • Painted Metals
  • Curvature based maps
  • Fully Customizable
  • Works with the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library


  • Cinema 4D R20 +
  • Exclusive to Plus Library
  • Arnold 6.0+
  • Redshift 3.0.39+
  • Octane 2020.2.1+
  • Not compatible with Standard/Physical Renderer


  • Greyscalegorilla Plus Exclusive
  • Single-user license
  • Installed via the GSG Hub

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