Plus Exclusive

Surface Imperfections


50 high-resolution textures to add smudges, smears, and water damage to your perfect 3D surfaces, giving them depth and realism. Install with a click using the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library.

$99 value exclusive to Greyscalegorilla Plus members.

Included with Plus Membership

Get down and dirty (or just a little smudgy) with your renders.

Are your surfaces just too clean? Dirty up your surfaces with our new Surface Imperfections: Smudges collection. Click and drag any of the high quality textures from the Plus Library into your renderer of choice, and use them to add smudges, streaks, and grime to your perfect surfaces.


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50 Smudge Maps

This collection includes 50 carefully hand-crafted smudge maps, ranging from fingerprints to streaks to water stains. Use one or layer them up. The combinations are endless. Let your imagination run wild.

Smears, Fingerprints, Handprints

Enjoy the irony of having crystal clear, high-resolution texture maps that will help you make your surfaces a little muddier.

Make things a little less clear

Make people reach for their microfiber cloths and try to clean their screens by smudging up your glass surfaces.

Insane Surface Details

If you have a perfectly smooth phone screen, we would love to see it. Make your objects look like they exist in the real world with a little (or a lot) of smudges.

Perfect for Shiny Surfaces

Dial the grime up, or dial it down. Sometimes a little goes a long way.  Add some smears to your render and make it totally real.

Instant Realism

Forget the coasters, add some water damage to your surfaces, and make them look lived in.

Drag and drop over 700 materials (and counting)

Spend less time installing, more time creating. Get instant access to this collection and others through the Plus Library, exclusively for Plus members.

Product Details


  • 50 Tileable Black and White Texture Maps
  • Super Detailed, 4k Maps
  • Fingerprints / Handprints
  • Wet Surface Smudges
  • Beverage Rings
  • Greasy Looks
  • Works with the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library


  • Cinema 4D R20+
  • Exclusive to Plus Library
  • Use wherever Jpgs are supported


  • Greyscalegorilla Plus Exclusive
  • Single-user license
  • Installed via the GSG Hub

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  • Over 4,000 3D assets: materials, textures, models, and HDRIs
  • Compatible with ALL major 3D applications
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