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Included with Teams

Get all of the same great content and tools you get in Greyscalegorilla Plus, but with the added benefit of these exclusive Greyscalegorilla Teams-only features:

  • Custom Licensing Solutions

    Every team has different licensing needs, and we offer several flexible licensing options for customers buying 3 or more licenses:

    • Multi-user Shared Login License (Most Popular): Use a single login for your entire team. Any artist on the team can login and use the tools, with access limited only by the number of active licenses in your account. So if you have 5 licenses and 10 artists, any 5 artists may use Greyscalegorilla Plus concurrently. If you find you need more active licenses, we make that easy too (See below).
    • Individual User Licensing: Individual logins for your team that make sure a specific artist has access to the tools whenever they need them. These licenses are transferable (See below).
    • Easy license add-ons: It’s easy to add additional Greyscalegorilla Plus licenses to your subscription. Add-on licenses can be prorated so there is a single renewal date for all licenses, making billing simpler. When you are ready to add more licenses just contact our Teams Priority Customer Support and we’ll take care of it, fast.
    • Assisted transferable licensing: Plus for Teams is accessed by email address login. This email “licensing” can be re-assigned to different email addresses, upon request (For example, in the event of employee turnover.)
  • Flexible Billing Options

    We understand the more complex purchase and billing needs of bigger teams, so we offer Teams customers additional billing solutions and account security.

    Purchase orders: We make  buying with a purchase order easy. We’ll work with your purchase/payment cycle and get you set up quickly.

    Consolidated billing: Get a single consolidated bill for multiple licenses.

    Secure Payment Info: For added security, where purchases are made with a credit card, all payment information is stored separately, and not displayed to Teams users in the account settings.

  • Priority Customer Support

    Teams customers get fast dedicated support to match the needs of your fast-paced production environment.

    Priority Technical Support: Our team is here to help you with any technical issues and  we’ll get back to you with answers and solutions, fast.

    Dedicated Account Support: We’re ready to assist you with your billing inquiries, a need for more licenses, or anything else related to your Greyscalegorilla Teams account.

  • Onboarding Assistance

    Our Tech Support will help you get set up quickly so your Team can get right to work.

    Installation: We’ll help you install the Greyscalegorilla Plus HUB, so your team can quickly download all of the Greyscalegorilla tools.

    Networking and firewall issues: We know that different production environments have different levels of network security. We’ll help you troubleshoot any network issues with licensing, and find a solution that just works.

Greyscalegorilla Teams


Per Seat, Billed Annually

  • Get industry standard tools and training for your team

  • Stay up to date with the newest versions of C4D

  • Build an improved and more efficient pipeline

  • For Teams of 3 or more