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Help Your Team Work Faster In 3D

Flexible And Affordable way to get everything your team needs to create beautiful C4D renders in record time.

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Greyscalegorilla for Teams is the all-in-one skill-building platform with tools and trainings compatible with:

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All services in one place

Get everything we make and more with teams.

Pro Plugins

  • Work faster with our award-winning plugins.

Material Collections

  • Hand-crafted materials to help make final renders faster and more beautiful.

Pro Training

  • Pro training to speed up your team and help them work and learn faster.

Teams Exclusive Services

Exclusive benefits for Teams customers
  • Purchase orders and consolidated billing
  • Custom licensing solutions for your growing team
  • Assisted transferable licensing
  • Multi-user single login option
  • Ongoing customer support
  • On-boarding assistance

Some of our customers

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“What my team needs to create and iterate quickly.”

Anything clients ask for

“I have no fear telling my clients I can do whatever they ask of me because I know the GSG community can bail me out.”

Ryan W,
Make More Money

“It has sped up my workflow and allowed me to make more money! WIN!”

John E,
Easy to Grasp Tutorials

“I really love how you guys handle such an intricate and often difficult topic like 3D Design and Animation and make it easy to learn.”

Dave G,
Creative Director
Be More Marketable

“It has helped make me more marketable and unique.”

Colin M,

Deep dive into these hefty guides on a rainy Saturday morning or use them like a manual

Guide to Redshift

$299 Value

Let’s make stunning renders. We’ll get you a handle on all Redshift’s features and walk you through a project workflow.

  • 18+ hours of training
  • 4 Redshift projects
  • 120 videos
  • Scene files and assets included

Guide to X-Particles

$299 Value

Let’s make insects swarm. We’ll get you the system and setup to incorporate X-Particles into your workflows.

  • Over 70 videos
  • 20+ hours of project-based training
  • Project scene files for easy dissection or inspiration
More render engine knowledge, more clients

“With clients using Redshift, Octane and Arnold, the ability to hop between them is invaluable”

Liam C

Continue sharpening your skills. Make this the year of Houdini or the year of Procedural Systems

Procedural Systems in Cinema 4D

$299 Value

Because your workflow can always get more streamlined.

Introduction to Houdini

$299 Value

This famously challenging program demystified.

Introduction to Arnold

$299 Value

Start learning and using this powerful new renderer.

Getting to know ACES

$299 Value

Learn how to blend colors in striking realism without haloing or fringing.

Quick Tips

$299 Value

Here you can find some quick 5-15 minute videos to quickly learn some cool tricks.

ASK Greyscalegorilla

$299 Value

Get a ton of useful tips to help with your workflow. With 200 hours of recordings + 250 C4D scene files to follow along with.

Get all the Whys behind the Hows

“The training is great at teaching the skills rather than teaching just to make a certain look. The most important part of tutorials for me is hearing the 'Why'.”

James K

Pricing for Teams

Work faster and save money with Greyscalegorilla for Teams

Greyscalegorilla Teams


Monthly Price Per User / Billed Annually

  • Get industry standard tools and training for your team

  • Stay Up to date with the newest versions of C4D

  • Build an improved and more efficient pipeline

  • Billed Annually at $599 per user

  • Best Value For Teams of 5 or more

Greyscalegorilla for Teams includes every Greyscalegorilla Cinema 4D plugin, material collection, asset library, and professional training series. An annual subscription includes all upgrades, support, maintenance, and render nodes. There are no hidden fees. Our Teams program is available to customers ordering 3 or more licenses.