Watercolor Toon Shading with Redshift

Can Redshift’s new toon system create organic painterly looks? Follow Chad as he puts this highly anticipated feature to the test.

by Greyscalegorilla on May 8, 2024

Unlock Redshift’s Toon Power

Redshift has FINALLY added a new toon shading system, and it’s got all the goods! In this video, Chad Ashley creates a painterly watercolor robot effect, going in-depth to show you how to get the most control and customization of the look.


How To Create Contour Lines With Redshift

This section will teach you how to create hand-drawn style contour lines for your 3D renders using Redshift’s Toon Material. Learn how to utilize a Maxon noise node to control the width of the contour lines and combine the noise node with a fresnel node to achieve thickness variations based on the angle.



How To Add Watercolor Textures

Here, you’ll discover how to incorporate a watercolor texture from the Greyscalegorilla Plus library into your material to achieve a beautiful, painted aesthetic. Project the watercolor textures through the camera for seamless application. Then employ the jitter node to randomize the colors.



How to Create Comic Book Style Half-Tone Patterns

This section dives into creating a classic comic book style effect using half-tone patterns. You’ll learn how to utilize the Tone Map Pattern node to generate the half-tone pattern. Then introduce a hand-drawn feel by manipulating the pattern with a noise node. Finally, layer different tone map patterns with a color layer node for more intricate looks.



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