Quickly add cinematic camera moves to your 3D cameras with this Cinema 4D plugin.

  • No more boring linear camera moves.
  • Natural handheld camera shake for realistic animations.
  • Easy to use interface makes it easy for any render.
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Let’s shake things up.

Realistic camera movements for 3D cameras. Add subtle human imperfections or create cinematic camera moves that are true to life.

Nikon cameras

Key Features

Macro DOF - GorillaCam SmoothOvershoot
Camera Smoothing and Overshoot

Get a classic stabilizer look with GorillaCam smoothing, or simulate a large camera rig with overshoot.

Macro DOF - GorillaCam ShakeSystem
Shake System and Jolt

Natural camera shake with three different speeds in both position and rotation. Or time a specific shake using Jolt.

Macro DOF - GorillaCam Target
Target and Zoom

Follow objects around your scene with target and zoom. Combine with overshoot and shake to create cameras that feel less CG.

Macro DOF - GorilaCam Focal Drift
Focal Drift

Like a camera operator searching for proper focus, add an imperfect focal distance and tweak to get the look of changing focus.

Macro DOF - GorillaCam Presets
60 Camera Presets

Popular camera movements used in product shots, arch-viz walk-throughs, and classic film and television moves.

Macro DOF - GorillaCam FeelingLucky
Add Random Movements

Don’t know what move is right? Hit the Feeling Lucky button to generate random camera moves to preview dozens of looks.

The New Standard

“I cannot see myself going back to the standard Cinema 4D camera ever.”

Leonard H



  • GorillaCam shake system
  • 60 camera presets
  • Feeling lucky random generator
  • Directable jolt
  • Camera target overshoot
  • Zoom shake
  • Simple scale
  • Simple swap
  • Three shake speeds
  • Simple sliders and
    advanced controls
  • Multiple baking options


  • Cinema 4D R14 and up
  • Works with all C4D 3D cameras
  • Redshift Renderer
  • Arnold Renderer
  • Octane Renderer
  • Standard/Physical Renderer


  • Cinema 4D Plugin
  • Version 1.0151S
  • 96MB File Size
  • Single-user license

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