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Quickly browse and apply hundreds of HDRI in seconds with HDRI Link for Cinema 4D and major third-party render engines like Redshift, Octane, and Arnold.

  • Add beautiful reflections in seconds
  • Compatible with all of our HDRI collections
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The fastest way to browse and apply HDRI.

Instantly browse and connect Arnold, Redshift, or Octane to the growing library of Greyscalegorilla HDRI packs.

Key Features

HDRI Link Browser
Browse Hundreds of HDRI in Seconds

Often imitated, never duplicated. This is THE best solution for combing through HDRI and applying and testing different looks.

As Easy As a Click

Connect your lighting parameter to the HDRI Link Tag, then just drag any HDRI into your project. It’s as simple as that.

Koffee bottle
Growing Library of Compatible HDRI

Connect HDRI Link to the growing library of Greyscalegorilla HDRI, including Pro Studios Metal, Ultimate Skies, Area Light Maps, and more.

Ford GT Arnold
Simple Interface for Fast Results

No unnecessary buttons or distractions. Just browse and apply HDRI.

Third-Party Render Ready

Instantly compatible with Arnold, Redshift, and Octane.

Render Switch

Changing render engines in the middle of a project? No problem. HDRI Link can switch over to your render engine of choice.

Changes Everything

“Hard to think that a tiny tag can change your workflow so dramatically.”

Tobias L

Product Details


  • HDRI Link Tag
  • HDRI Browser
  • Preview Mode
  • 10 sample HDRI


  • Cinema 4D R20 and up
  • Greyscalegorilla HDRI Collections
  • Redshift
  • Arnold
  • Octane
  • Not compatible with Standard / Physical or Pro Renderer (See HDRI Studio Rig)


  • Cinema 4D Plugin
  • Version 1.0541S
  • 350MB File Size
  • Single-user license


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HDRI Link Only
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