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Signal 3.0

The most powerful animation plugin for Cinema 4D, now even more robust, with new updates available exclusively in Plus. Easily create loops, stop-motion effects, or time your animation to music.

  • Easily animate without keyframes
  • Instantly animate any parameter in C4D
  • Used in countless commercials and films
  • NEW – Now integrated with C4D Fields
  • NEW – Ease Curve Menu
  • NEW – Looper Modifier
Exclusive to Plus Membership

3D animation made easy

Animate without keyframes using Signal’s simple drag-and-drop procedural workflow.


Key Features

Instagram-Worthy Loops

Create looping animations in minutes with just a few clicks.

NEW - Use Cinema 4D Fields

Use Cinema 4D’s native fields to trigger Signal and get even tighter control over your animations.

NEW - Easing Curves

Add another dimension to your motion with our new easing curve menu. Audition several pre-built animation curves quickly and easily.

NEW - Drop Zone

We’ve made it even easier to add a Signal tag. Just drag the parameter of your choice onto Drop Zone, and it automatically sets up a Signal tag for you.

NEW - Looper Modifier

Use the new Looper modifier to add variation to multiple parameters inside one Signal tag.

Updated Noise modifier

Now you can use all of Cinema 4D’s noises to add variation to your Signal animation.

Macro DOF - Signal Modifiers

Modify Your Moves

Ten modifiers make it easy to use elements like noise to generate animations.

Planet with rings

Powerful Scripts

Work faster with fourteen scripts that let you quickly randomize seeds or offset all your Signal tags at once.

Macro DOF - Signal Presets

Animation Presets

Seven presets that automatically generate popular moves like flicker, bounce, vibration, and spin.

Make Animation Easy

“Signal is a must-have tool for every motion designer.”

Luca G

Create more complex animations with Fields.

Use Cinema 4D’s native fields to trigger Signal animations. Layer them up, use existing ones, use falloff (or don’t.) The possibilities are endless.


  • 3.0 is Exclusive to Plus
  • NEW - Drag-and-drop tag workflow using Drop Zone
  • NEW - Integrated with Cinema 4D fields
  • NEW - Noise generated animations using Cinema 4D noises
  • NEW - Preset Ease Curve menu
  • Animate any C4D parameter
  • Easily loop animations

  • 10 animation modifiers
  • Custom animation curves
  • Time Re-mapping
  • Stop-motion step time
  • Beats Per Minute modifier
  • Layer animation types

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