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Social Frame

A plugin created to help you visualize all the various aspect ratios for a single render. Adjust your framing to make cropping a breeze.

Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Exclusive to Plus Membership

Render once. Crop many times.

Are your clients looking for multiple croppings for social posts, but you don't have the time to render each one individually? With Social Frame, you can visualize cropping and adjust your framing for various aspect ratios. All inside your C4D viewport. With the visual guides in Social Frame, render one image that you can crop for all your Social Media needs. With less time spent rendering and more time spent posting, you’ll help your client please the algorithm gods.

Visualization features

Use masks to get a better sense of how various crops will look on your main image. Activate square mode to visualize multiple variations of crops in both horizontal and vertical aspect ratios on a single square image. Render out one iteration and crop it in post any which way you like.

Output to Takes

Do you want to just render multiple cropped images out of C4D directly? Easily create takes based on whatever aspect ratios you select. Use C4D tokens to label your renders by take, and render out everything at once.

Auto-Adjusts FOV

Tired of losing your perfect framing when you change aspect ratio? Social Frame automatically adjusts your camera’s field of view (FOV) when you change aspect ratio. No more time spent getting your framing back to perfection.


  • Drag-and-drop tag workflow
  • Visualize multiple modern social media crops
  • Masking to show crops clearly

  • Automatically adjusts FOV
  • Square mode
  • Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus

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