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Automatic and easy to control animations that help you make complex motion graphics in seconds.

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Transform Any Object in Cinema 4D

Quick and seamless transitions with no need to use keyframes.


Key Features

Instantly Animate Any Object

Transform all Cinema 4D objects, including MoGraph, type, logos, models, and clones.

Simple and Powerful Controls

Take control of your animation speed, direction, and Fracture Voronoi particles, all with a nondestructive workflow.

Over 65 Animation Presets

Find popular and trendy animations that can be applied to your objects in an instant.

Perfect for Film Titles

“Working on a very tight budget to make a few film titles and Transform saved us! ”

Tony A

Product Details


  • Animate any object
  • Polygon mode for particle effects
  • Type mode for text and logos
  • Nondestructive workflow
  • Polygon mode
  • Existing Parts mode
  • Custom Animation mode
  • Chunk mode
  • Speed and Direction controls
  • Simple slider interface
  • No keyframing necessary


  • Cinema 4D R20+
  • Standard / Physical Renderer
  • Redshift
  • Octane
  • Arnold


  • Cinema 4D plugin
  • 21MB file size
  • Single-user license

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