Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to Redshift

Learn how to create stunning renders with Redshift for Cinema 4D. Follow along as Trevor Kerr from Man vs Machine teaches you all the features, and Chad Ashley guides you through a project workflow.

Are you ready to learn about all of the Redshift render features? The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift is a training series with nearly 19 hours of lessons.

After completing this series, you’ll have a complete understanding of Redshift’s features and capabilities. You also pick up real-time workflow tips for completing an entire project using Redshift for Cinema 4D, as well as compositing and touch-ups in Blackmagic Fusion and Adobe Photoshop.

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Box

Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift Features:

  • 18+ hours of training
  • 6 index chapters
  • 4 Redshift projects
  • 120 videos
  • Scene files and assets included
  • Stream on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices
  • 24/7 access to training and materials
  • GSG Connect Slack access

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Meet Your Instructors

The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift features training from two professional 3D artists.

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Trevor Kerr

Trevor Kerr

Trevor Kerr is currently a Technical Director at Man vs Machine in Los Angeles, California. Trevor has worked on numerous national ad campaigns, experiential design installations, and feature films, including Marvel’s Black Panther.

His extensive experience in Cinema 4D and his passion for 3D rendering has made him an expert in Redshift, Arnold, and Octane. Also, Trevor has presented for both Maxon and Autodesk on several occasions. His previous clients include Apple, Marvel Studios, Disney, Netflix, ESPN, and DOLBY.


Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chad Ashley

Chad Ashley

Chad Ashley is the Creative Director of Greyscalegorilla. He is considered a render expert in the 3D community, and in the little spare time he has, he continues to freelance for select clients and studios.

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What Will I Learn?

The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift will first guide you through all of the available features in Redshift. The comprehensive index section will give you a complete overview. While this series focuses on Redshift for Cinema 4D, most of these techniques do carry over to Redshift for Houdini and Maya.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of What’s Covered:

  • Redshift Render Settings
  • Volumes, VDBs, Fog
  • Redshift Proxies, Rendertime Geometry
  • Proper linear workflow
  • Displacement map techniques
  • AOVs and outputs
  • and SO MUCH MORE

Chapter 1: Intro to Redshift

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 1

In the first chapter, Trevor breaks down Redshift’s linear workflow, the Shader Graph, and Render View.

4 Videos // This lesson contains 30 minutes of training

Chapter 2: Lights

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 2

Learn about Redshift’s common light parameters and the various light objects.

8 Videos // This lesson contains 30 minutes of training. 

Chapter 3: Cameras

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 3

Gain a complete understanding of using a 3D camera with Redshift, and well as the camera map feature (aka matte shadow technique).

2 Videos // This lesson contains 20 minutes of training. 

Chapter 4: Shaders

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 4

Here you will take a deep dive into Redshift shaders. You will learn about RS nodes, Redshift materials, textures, utilities, and volumes.

This is the most comprehensive portion of the training series, assembled to teach you everything you need to know.

27 Videos // This lesson contains nearly 3 hours of training. 

Chapter 5: Geometry

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 5

Understand how to use render time geometry (curve rendering, proxies, etc), tessellation and displacement, wireframes, and more in this chapter.

5 Videos // This lesson contains 20 minutes of training

Chapter 6: Rendering

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Chapter 6

By now, you’ll be ready to learn all about rendering. In this section, Trevor breaks down the best settings for sampling, global illumination, caustics, AOVs, and motion blur.

6 Videos // This lesson contains over 1 hour of training

Project 1: Lighting and Shaders

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 1

In your first project, you will learn how to light and shade a dramatic scene in Redshift.

2 Videos // This project contains 43 minutes of training

Project 2: Product Lighting

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 2

Learn how to balance simple imperfections and the perfect render in this product lighting project.

2 Videos // This project contains 30 minutes of training

Project 3: Product Viz Workflow

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 3 RedGreyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 3 YellowGreyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 3 Blue

Now that you know how to use Redshift, watch and learn workflow tips, tricks, and solutions as Chad Ashley takes you through a real-world client project using Redshift.

In this project, watch and listen in real-time as Chad guides you through the creation of product renders created for Peekskill Brewery. In fact, one of these can renders was just featured in Time Magazine’s special beer edition, specifically for its artwork.

59 Videos // This project contains over 10 hours of training

Project 4: Teaser Breakdown

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Project 4

Dive into the scene files for the Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift’s series teaser featured at the top of this page.

2 Videos // This project contains 20 minutes of training

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Volume

How Does This Training Work?

After purchasing Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to Redshift, your Customer Account will be immediately updated to include links to the training series and all downloadable assets.

The training series videos are streaming only, and require an internet connection. Log into your Customer Account to gain access to the videos on your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. Be sure to bookmark the page for easy access from your internet browser.

The training page is broken into chapters and projects for you to stream at your own pace.

The purchase of this series also grants you access to GSG Connect, a dedicated Slack channel where you can interact with thousands of fellow motion designers and 3D artists. Join the dedicated #redshift channel to chat and learn from fellow artists.

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Smoke

Is This Training Series for Beginners?

The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift is designed for both beginners and advanced users. It is recommended that you already have a fundamental knowledge of Cinema 4D. If not, begin your training with our Free Intro to Cinema 4D before purchasing this training series.

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - Objects

Why Should I Buy This Training?

This entire series was designed for you. Not only is this course designed to be as in-depth as possible, but the lessons are also laid out to help you advance through the training series as quickly as possible. The Redshift index includes 6 hours on in-depth training on features, so you’ll know all about Redshift in just a few hours.

Get up to speed with Redshift, so you can immediately get to work on your own projects. This is professional training for professionals, designed to keep you working without having to take all the downtime to learn a new program on your own. Take your newfound skills, and apply them immediately.

Greyscalegorilla's Guide to Redshift - a/b

Are You Ready to Join Us?

So, are you ready to master Redshift? Grab a copy and let’s get started. Can’t wait to see you inside!

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Current version:1.0
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File format:Streaming Videos + .Zip
File size:5GB
Requirements:Cinema 4D R18+, Redshift 2.3+
Price:$299.00 USD

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