Displacer Deformer And Sub Poly Displacement

February 14, 2017 - By 

Learn how to displace geometry in this quick tutorial by Nick Campbell.

BONUS Tutorial: Color Grading For 3D In Photoshop

Transform your plain 3D render into something more beautiful with Photoshop and color correction tools. Here Nick talks about his process for color grading daily renders in photoshop.

What will I Learn?

In this video we will explain a couple ways to displace your models. First we will discuss Sub Polygon Displacement, which adds detail at render time. Next, we talk about the Displacement Deformer which distorts your objects live in the view port.

Where can I learn more about Sub Poly Displacement?

I did a extended video covering Sub Poly Displacement back in 2010. You can find it here.

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  • Quick Correction: You can view sub poly displacements in R18 if you use the following settings: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20657326/CINEMA%204D_2017-02-14_11-10-43.jpg

  • Hey Guys (I know this is kinda specific but..) any further details on that metal-like texture on the torus-crown-of-thorns? I’m assuming it’s the same/very close to the material used in the BlendoWaves instagram post from 2 weeks ago. I know it was whipped up using Topcoat but I really love the spec and that glossy liquid-metal feel.
    I have been trying to reverse-engineer the reflectance layers (dark base, 1 or 2 “woven”-like textured layers with the wider spec, Wet/Lacquer-y top layer) but the post grading is making it harder to tell what’s what.
    Am I on the right track?

  • Hi
    Wish i’d know about this tutorial a week earlier – great work
    Quick question.
    Is there way to link the image you use for the displacer modifier and that which you use for the alpha channel and material.
    I can’t see a way to change the mapping of the displacer modifier image or a way to link that image to the material
    Hope that makes sense

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