How to Make the Infinite Floor Look in Cinema 4D

October 15, 2010

in this tutorial, I show you how to get the popular “infinite floor” look in Cinema 4D by using a background object and the compositing tag set to “composite background”.


Software:  ,

  • WOW! Nice workflow and amazing result!

  • Why not use a floor object?

  • Thanks! I just had a situation where I was wondering how to do this very thing.

  • Nice work man love the C4D tutorials you make.

  • Way to kick ass GSG! You ARE the Gorilla! I’m going to use this TODAY!

  • Wicked.

    Once again Mr Campbell you’ve come to my rescue – I was going to have to figure this out next week.

    Give yourself a pat on the back from me.

  • Yes, the R12 tutorials are gone, now some more puppy eye love.

    Wow how fast did it take for you to come home and do that, have you even been resting anything since NYC?

  • Awesome – I was JUST working on an infinite floor for a project, and about to render before I saw this. Thanks bud!

  • Great as usual Nick, although you have done this type of thing before in your other videos, not the exactly same thing but i guess people cant see it.

    Sometimes i wish you were a robot Nick, i check GSG every day for updates and when there isnt any new tutorials i feel sad πŸ™ But hey people gotta sleep and work hehe.

    All the best Nick!

  • Hey Nick! I have tried this but I’m having some noise on the shadows (I’m using default C4D light) do u know what can be wrong??

  • Hey. Great. But when i turn on GI the edge of the floor is back again ??

  • GREAT TIP MAN….was having this kind of problem a lot..

  • Great tutorial as always, Nick.

    But I have a question. Is there any way to make the floor reflective? When I try to give it some reflection I get a horizon line.

  • great little tut! Very helpful.

  • kern your type (infinite).

  • Briliant! Now I have something to brighten my evening πŸ™‚

  • Can you use GI on this too? Or how would you get the “infinite” effect with GI?

  • Great tip Nick. Very appreciated.
    Wrote you ab email a few days ago concerning scaling and light kit pro. Found a solution yet?

  • Man, singlehandedly one of the best tutorials. I’ve always wondered about how to create an infinite floor, thanks so much!

  • Nice! Amazing how you can read my mind…I just saw a TV clip where this FX came up, i wondered hmmm …then u posted this…where did you hind that camera…ima check the dog…lol…

    Thanx man!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing, this is something I’ve been wondering about myself!

  • Yo guys! Played around using global illumination, and if you turn off generate and receive GI in the texture properties for the plane its good to go!

  • This just came in at the right time! Really useful! Thanks Nick

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    • Buy the kit or don’t, ManLove. Steal it if you will. But, posting a link to a torrent on my site is extremely poor taste. 99% of my site is free content and I sell sell the Light Kit to support myself so that I can make more free stuff for the blog and for you.

      Sure, I can delete your comment, But we all know that it won’t stop some people from illegally downloading my kit. Instead, I’ll keep your comment and add my own. If you wan’t to support Greyscalegorilla, want more training and products that make Motion Design even easier and more fun, AND want to make your 3D renders look super sexy, please consider buying a license of the Light Kit Pro here.

      The GSG community has been so responsive, respectful and fun to be a part of. Don’t screw this up for us, ManLove!


    • This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Nick take the high road with an obvious twerp. Good man Nick!
      I am proud to say I paid for my Light Kit Pro.
      In fact, I included it in a tutorial I did and told everyone they should go BUY it.


    • Psh…what an idiot. I bought the light kit from you Nick and I barely use C4D but thought it was the least I could do. Your tutorials are top notch and you are a real dude! Keep it up buddy! Always takin the high road like bradley stated.

      Much LOVEEEEEEE!

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    • Wow this is messed up… Using a stolen version of the kit is not “showing” the love but posting a link to a stolen version is simply stupid. Way to undermine the community, and the effort people like Nick put into it.

      Nick, I’m sure that if you ask Rapidshare to remove it they will. That said, keep up the great work. The community DOES appreciate your efforts, unlike the twat posting the link to your Kit.

    • This is incredibly rude… Do you think you can do whatever you like because of you can reach a true artist directly. An artist that is so kind that he didn’t delete your rubbish post. You did this to such a person. Manlove you are a waste.

    • Man Love! Why do this? Most of GSG content is free & the light kit is fairly priced for what its worth.

      This is a naive post.

    • Hey Nick.. Im so thankfull.. Neat lil trick to get that infinite floor…

      Thanks a lot man.. πŸ™‚

    • WOW what a !@$*
      Nick you truly are a better man, had it been me things would be different. Someone should hack my IP and destroy his HDs.

      It is a good move to leave it here so that the world can see the ass he is.

      Now that we all support and will continue to do so, for your selfless service to us will not go on notices or appreciated.

      US ARMY

    • Wow, what a douche. Kudos to Nick for taking the high road.

    • Nicely said Nick, Very unique style of handling this sort of situation. Like that man!

      Though the communitie shouldn’t have to pay for this, it’s only manlove or what his name is. Keep that in mind, we support you

    • Well played, Nick. Well played.

    • Dude show some respect. Making a plugin like this takes a lot of work. Not cool! It is only 70 bucks. As Barton states, “Well played Nick”.

    • Nice Replay Nick..

  • hey nick im from ecuador and thaks for all the tutorials you make i love them, you have teach me so much thanks for everything

  • man love c4d i love October 15, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Excuse me, Sir, I wanted to raise me to judge the person who put the program full repeat very sorry for you.

    Thank you

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  • thanx,

    i totaly forgett about that hint with the compositing-tag. its a nice, goog looking effect. thanx for remembering.


  • Nick, thanks for all that you do for the computer graphics world. Light kit pro and your tutorials are so awesome. This is what I made based on your last tutorial. I also added an array object with omni lights and soft shadows, I then did post work in photoshop. I added a lens blur to give it some depth of field, then …I did a curves adjustment layer and pushed the blue curve up some. I then uped the offset in the levels adjustment to give it a washed out look.

  • Well, thats exactly what I was trying to achieve last night but had no luck.
    Thanks Nick, I owe you!

  • Wow, this is exactly what I was trying to figure out with my Primitives 5SP.

  • Nick once again, thank you, you are a great teacher πŸ™‚

  • Just what I need. Thank you.

  • i ve seen that with a bend deformer on a plane. is the same?

  • Thats why your the Gorilla and im the Chimp…wicked!

  • good stuff nick. was visualising a pos unit last week and this would have come in really useful – ended up photoshopping the background. will be using this this week though…great timing!

    thanks for the tutorials (and the light kit)….great work. mike

  • Hi NIck. You have provided me with some great C4D tips.
    So a big thank you from London.

    Is it the same workflow to create a coloured infinite floor ?



  • Sorry – just to confirm – I have tried – and It creates what looks like a circular gradient in the center of the screen – thus taking away the sense of depth.

    Thanks Nick

  • And I always thought frontal image mapping was useless, this is huge! already used the technique to create a new banner for my site- thanks nick.

  • Hey nick, thanks for these super sexy tutorials, finally got my first paid job today and the first thing Im doing is buy ur Light Kit Pro. Been dying to get my hands on it.

    Thanks again!

  • That’s mm… how they call it?.. useful!!

  • So you like that Typograph Pro. I saw that on the Motionworks site. Cool fonts.

  • Is there any reason there wouldn’t be a shadow on the ground? I’m pretty new at this, and I followed the tut and i’m not getting any shadows. The only thing I did differently is i used an plane w/ luminance to light the scene.

  • Thanks Nick!

    I have a problem when i export transparent .PNG for playing in photoshop.

    I am unable to capture the transparent shadows, because when i turn off the background, then it only renders the object for me.

    I think 3D max has something pretty user friendly like a Matte material or something, but for some reason C4D does not have that capability.

    I know there are things a like shadow passes etc, but i think when it comes to taking a still to photoshop, it should be a simple one export kind of a thing.

    Hope to see a solution from you on that someday!

    You Rock!

    • Look into “object buffers”. Sounds like that is what you are looking for.

    • Thanks Nick, i will try that.

    • M,

      Are you looking for a ‘shadow catcher’?
      ie something that will render the shadows and not the bg? If so look more closely into the compositing background settings in the compositing tag..lots of options for outputting shadows there but I cant remember them cause Ive had a few πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Trevor, I did try shadowcatcher, but for some reason it only worked fine in my test scene, while in the textured one it had the same issues, it rendered the floor plain.

      I will try to check what i am doing wrong, maybe rebuild the lighting.

  • Great tip! Thanks Nick!!!

  • He nick, great tip! frontal projection is huge!

    I also found a way to include GI and AO in the scene..:
    Add a sky and floor object to the scene, and give them the same texture. now if you turn on AO and GI you’ll get a infinite white look.
    Only downside is that, the colour of the sky/floor has got to be 100% white or black otherwise you’ll still see the horizon.
    this is an example:

    I guess there are a hundred ways to rome, so i just thought sharing this one…


  • Good job!, but we are still waiting for more new tutorials on the cinema R12 what…:) We think that you are a great teacher—cheers!

  • As always a super tip. Really handy!
    Thanks Nick!

  • hey nick great tutorials, im quite new to cinema 4d and i followed your destruction tutorial and i finished my work and im trying to render my finshed piece but its taking forever its been like 4 and half hours and its only done 26 frames. so did i do something wrong in the settings. Please help someone!

  • Hi Nick,

    the infinite floor looks good! But when i render png files i the background is gray. I can’t find the problem. ( i am using the HDRI kit)

    Could you please help me.



  • And when i put the files into AFX the background is black???

    I am stuck and i need to finish this project fast…

    Please help somebody

  • THANK YOU! This is awesome, I’ve always wondered about this look, and I could never quite duplicate it!

  • Nick
    what light rig did you use? I’m using the soft box but the colors aren’t as vibrant as yours.


  • Great Tut again Nick. I need to check out the GI alt tut.
    The setting the Plane to the composite tag I knew about, but then the frontal mapping is the shit!!!
    Don’t think I would have figured that out on my own. Thanks Buddie.
    Have another GI render going right now. Don’t think that will work on this project. Great results but it has only been 15 hours for 4 seconds of animation and only halfway threw I hope?
    Making cool shit with your help!
    Thanks & Cheers

  • Thanks again namesake for your infinite effort to make us better C4D artists.

  • I’m getting color “color banding”
    how do you avoid it??

    • Try rendering at a higher bit rate like 16 or 32.

    • C4d’s two main reasons for banding in gradients are colour depth and non-linear workflow.
      If you output a render at 8Bit/per channel there are not enough shades of each colour to create a smooth shift from black to white.

      GSG explains a bit about linear workflow in an earlier tutorial(the fake GI one i think), but is time consuming to implement in earlier versions of C4d.

      There’s a lot of info about colour theory online for you to get a better understanding of how it’s produced.
      This is possibly the most important thing to know if you intend to produce images(print or screen) for clients.

    • My final result

      hope you like it πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick

    When i render out it with these setings i get the background as gray (tansparent) and the floor is white ( with the gradiant). It seems it does not see the background. Sorry if this is a stupid quistion but i just bought this kit and i want to get a nice render.


  • oh hey. good tip. Question: check this image

    notice the front reflection of the text shows the edges of the plane even tho the effect is working for the background. solutions anybody?


  • Sweet as always_

    Thank You G-Man

  • How do you get a picture when you post a comment? instead of the default avatar/icon

  • I got a question about it, when I turn on Global Illumination, it shows the edge of plane, who can I fix it?

  • Great, thanks a lot for another great tutorial. Will be very useful in the future for me.

  • This is a grat tutorial. You don’t wanna know what kind of walk-around process I did in order to get something like that on my last project.
    Again, Thanks for everything Nick.

  • One Logo animation for a big company in my country. Made with C4D and After Effects

  • i really wish maxon would add some kind of type setting tweaks. it gets very boring having to legacy 8 copy everything that goes into cin4d. just files that are transit that are just wasted space and time. i used to do this floor with more tricky compositing tricks / multipass etc. nice tut and very very useful!

  • Thanks, that helps out. Have been frustrated trying to get that look before. Just remember, sometimes you have to go full frontal!

  • Thank you so much. You make my life so easylier from one tutorial to another πŸ™‚

  • nice tut and i love how you introduce yourself

  • Hey great tutorial! Awesome! Always looked for sth like that. But one question. I need such a setup with an alphachannel, no background just the shadows castet, normally i use shadow catcher for the alphachannel of the plane. but im not sure, its not working with your setup. maybe because of the background?

    • I’m also looking for a solution like Shadowcatcher. So need to render the ball, his shadow on the floor but not the floor itself… Any idea ? I found a solution using an alpha with a Chanlum Effects Inerted but it’s still not so pretty… Any idea Nick ?

  • Great introduction and great tutorial, it really helps to have it explained this clearly.

  • I may be being stupid here, but as soon as I put some more softboxes in, the floor horizon reappears.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Nice tutorial Nick. Can you make one tutorial explaining how to use stages, infinite light and enviroment objects? Please. I’m new in Cinema 4D.
    Sorry for the bad…bad english

  • First off, Thank you Nick for this entire community, its put a jump start on my learning curve for 3D work and has really gotten me excited to do more. Don’t want to beat a dead horse by saying thank you like every other post, but hey, give props where props are due.

    To those of you trying to get GI to work with this effect, i sat around playing with the compositing tag. Someone spoke about turning off Cast and Receive shadows, but that musses up all of the nice shadowing below your objects. Instead, i got the same results with GI on by turning off option called Self Shadowing, just above the compositing background option. This allowed for GI use and didn’t create a horizon line in renders. I was a bit stumped at first because the line kept showing up.

    Anyone else who tries to turn off Shelf Shadowing and has success, shout out in here, i don’t know if this is just working specifically for me or if it will work for all.

    Nick aka Yak

  • valuable tutorials,
    thanks for your work GSG…


    I used this for the above, although after render I noticed my background issent showing at all…

    thanks man!! after following your tuts for about a year now, it made me win an ipad with an animation i made.. it’s the first time i made something out of it, and now i want more.. so keep’em comming

  • Am I doing something wrong?
    When I add the tag and set the material to Frontal mapping my plane is just white. So I have a white plane while the background is white/grey.

  • hey man how will you create the snow?

  • Many thanks to you for sharing your knowledge.
    I am so amazed by the rendering engine of cinema4D.

    A little test:

    A big thanks from Paris

  • Ive done this tutorial over and over and my sphere doesn’t cast a shadow so it looks like it’s floating in the middle of white space- anybody know how to fix that??

  • Delete the rapidshare link Nick

    Leaving it is wrong.

    Its a pisstake.


  • Hey Nick, How are you?

    I did the infinite background, but when I put another light, the plane for the floor appears… how can I fix it?

  • Great tutorial Nick!

    Have you ran across this issue when using subjects with an alpha?

    The alphas look great when using a Softbox or normal lights, but they freak out when using Skylights.

    You mentioned something about using compositing tag to turn off ‘seen by camera’, but for some reason it’s not working thru the alpha. Any tips?


  • guys I have a question for you
    I’m trying to do the same, but I want to add a reflection too
    the problem is:
    With a dark background I have the right reflection 1:1 (like a mirror) but with a light one the reflection disapper!
    look at this:
    and there’s my project file:

    the thing I’m trying to do is to have a cool reflection on a white background because I need to obtain the same result of that

    I know… that’s a lot of links.. sorry!

  • hey nick, Why my render dont have shadows!?

  • I have done everything you said to do, but the plane still does not blend well into the background, and if I use a floor the same problem occurs, even though they have the exact same textures and all the compositing is right.

    I tried a number of things including using just linear skylight and it still does not get the infinite effect.

    Also how would I make this work if I was using a different colored light source, like daylight?

    • Light type shouldn’t matter much. Reflections on the floor or using GI will break the effect, though. Other than that, I’m not sure. Anyone else have an idea?

    • well I went back and tried it using just a floor with a sky with a full luminance textures and used GI on it. I got a pretty good infinite effect, how does this differ from that, or in a better sense, why is your way better?

  • Great Tip. Thanks. Is there a way to have a infinite floor that is also reflective? I tried to add a reflection to the floor, however it makes the seam between the floor plane and the BG visible again. Any ideas?

  • Is it possible to upload the file? I have tried to get the look to work with mixed results and have been unable troubleshoot the reason. This is the first tutorial I have been unable to get right from your sight(and i have completed many:)


  • So, is there a way to create this effects with GI on? Someone tell me to turn off self shadowing, but that didn’t work. So yeah, if any of you know how to use this with GI, please let us know.

  • Hi
    I’m newbie with this and I just want a little video to setup the working platform like yours, it’s seem to be simple, can you plz let me know about this…if you can do it for all or just me as people already know it…PLEASE let me know.

  • how about adding an infinite and or infinite reflective white studio in your awesome light kit?

  • I think i’ve found a solution to make this work with GI. For example, to make the scene to look like that the scenes from above with the infinite text.

    First i add an object buffer for all the object on the scene, for this example the infinite text and the floor. Then i go to the render setting, and on the multipass i add the ambient occlusion and shadow. Then i just render it, open it in after effects. Oh and don’t forget to also render a frame of the background.

    Then, to the timeline, i add the main render file, and also all the object buffers, then i duplicate the main render file 2 times cause i only have 2 object buffer and then use the object buffer as a luma matte and now i have the floor and the text separated.

    And all i have to do next is just import the ambient occlusion & shadow pass into the timeline, put them together into one new comp, and then use the object buffer of the floor as a luma matte, so now all i have is the AO & Shadow of the floor.

    And then i just delete the floor and add the rendered background behind all these comps & layers and there you go, it works great for me =D

    So yeah, basically all i did is just separate the floor from the scene by using an object buffer, and then bring the AO and or the shadow back into the scene. Anyway, hope it helps =)

  • HEy Nick,

    I was following the tutorial; for the infinite background, but it doesnt seem to work for me.
    I did the exact same thing.
    This is an example of a render:

    What could be the problem??


  • Yeah i have to say, I have the same problem. Note I am using C4D 11.5

  • i tried on Cinema 4d 10.5, but there is a little problem, the edges is still there even-though i followed your steps. can you help me to solve it. Thank you! from the Philippines!

  • Christopher Scott Kn December 8, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Just found a really cool “trick” that I know have in my arsenal:
    I created a project using the instructions above to create the infinite floor in this tutorial and saved the project with the name ‘new.c4d” and placed it in the root folder alongside the application itself. (I’m on am Mac.. I assume it works the same on a PC)
    Now, every time I start the C4D app, the infinite floor is already loaded and ready to go.
    Bingo! Pretty cool, hu?

  • Awesome Nick… love your site..always updated.. it would be nice if you make a tutorial with the infinite floor but reflective..for you said before..the gradient on the alpha doesnΒ΄t work for me…but thanxz a lot for your efford.

  • Wow! this is really helpfull! Thanx!

  • As silly as this question might seem, i can’t seem to find a solution. Whatever object i use in this scene, it comes out black, no matter what texture/material i put on… any ideas why this would be?


  • Hey Gorilla,

    Is there a simple way to adjust that background to fill out the edges if you want use the 16:9 ratio? In regards to the “Infinite Floor” tutorial.

  • I think i found out a possible solution about the GI problem with the floor,with the help of a few comments on this theme, what i did was to set the primary intensity on the GI render settings tab to something like 50% and then just compensate with your lights putting high intensity values. It worked for me pretty good! Let me know Please if works for you guys aswell!
    Thanks Nick for this great tut!

  • Hello,
    I’m french so i’ll try to do the better to explain my problem ! I read a lot of the comments but didn’t see any answer.

    I have my infinite background and an objet wich is reflective. The problem is that the reflexion isn’t infinite (no frontal reflexion) with or without GI !

    What should I do ?

    Thanks and great website to learn more about c4d and English language πŸ˜‰


  • Awesome but i have golden text and you can see from the angle i have it the floor plane ending in the reflection any ideas?

  • anybody found a solution to make this and also use GI.

    The only way i have found is to use a disc as a floor and enable alpha ( circular – white to black ) on the floor texture to fade out the edges. but this makes the compositing tag useless and also makes it hard to have perfect seamless color with the bg.

    any lead on how to make this easier with GI?

  • thanks so much for this tutorial!

  • On the subject of including reflections on the floor. It seems to work fine if you turn off the sky light. This is rendered with a reflective floor and GI at 40%

    – Cort

  • I’ve done everything that you did in this tutorial but im not getting any shadows from the sphere shadowing onto the floor. I dont have your light kit but i used an area light above the sphere. Does that matter?

  • Has anyone figured out a way to make this method work with reflections?

  • Hi, I’m new to C4D, Im a graphic designer but trying some new concepts out with 3D text, I followed this brilliant tutorial which has worked a treat, but I don’t have any shadows? I’v had a nosey around and tried afew things but I can’t get any shadows on it at all, any ideas? Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Nick!
    I just got the kit and i have to say it’s amazing!, (I am new to C4D) I’m trying to do the spheres like you did in one of your examples but, the reflections are not looking right, they look sharp (I did the reflection with a fresnel texture, and I played with the brightness), they don’t look glossy and polished. I don’t know how to fix this or how to do the reflection the right way. If you could please help me with this it would be great!

  • hey!

    Nice tut. But I’m not getting any shadows. It’s just my object in the middle of the plane, no shadow. It’s like the object has died ang has gone to the light LOL!.

    Anyone know why this is?

  • Great tutorial πŸ™‚

    Is there a way to use Ambient Oclusion on the floor to get that nice shadow under the object? – when I do I can see a tiny bit of the horizon.


  • As some of the other users already asked before: Does this work in Cinema 11.5?? I’m just confused about that because I did exactly the same things as you did in your tutorial.

  • Hi everyone.
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I use 11.5 and do exactly the same things that you made, but I don’t got any shadows :/

  • I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!
    The problem that I encountered and a few other people as-well…the reflection of the plane showing on the object, like this

    The solution is basically make a light tent in any shape to fit your object, and add the color gradient with frontal mapping. You wont need a background. this is my fixed render.

    Heres the scene file
    (I’m using 11.5 – this scene is without the light kit pro lights)

  • Hi Nick,

    This is some great stuff! I’m a beginner in Cinema so these tutorials are very useful.

    Is there anyway to get shadows off of a plane object with the luminance channel selected? I tried using it with the white background and wasn’t getting results. I switched to an area light and that seemed to work better.



  • I have a problem… i have a reflective object on the plane and in the reflection i can see the floor plane ending like a sharp line? any ideas? fix?

  • also im getting some noise in my shadows

  • Nick, you are an internet hero. Not only do you provide excellent tutorials, but you also very kindly offer constant support and advice to your commenters. Thank you, and keep up the very good work. I’ll be looking all over your site for more interesting effects!

  • Great tutorial…
    but PLEASE….no more swallowing or smacking your lips so loudly on the mic….i feel like vomiting.

  • thnx for this perfect technique
    damn I think I’m gonna puke

  • Hi there! Is it possible to use a background object together with your HDR Studio Rig? I’m trying to set this up, but the Background object doesn’t render.

  • I love this tutorial makes it so much cleaner, keep it up Nick

  • Hey Nick, what is the font you used for that infinite render? Its awesome! I adore your tutorials, I love getting home from college/work and checking out some lessons! I’m only 17 too haha πŸ™‚

  • how to make that shadow effect on the floor? please could u make a tutorial for that? i never have been available to find it out :S

  • Really like the look of this and use it often. Although when I set it up for a multi pass render, the background material does not render on the diffuse pass and shows up black in AE. Has anyone had this problem? Any work arounds for this?



    • I’m having the same problem. And I can’t find a solution.
      It seems that C4D doesn’t recognize the Background as an object, at least in the diffuse pass.
      I tried adding a new BG but with no effect.

      Any ideas?


  • how to i get rid of the corners

  • Thank you nick I’m using it in combination with GI at the moment and luminance and your right about the Floor object faced lots of problems with that but 1 more question How i get that center bigger?? I already played with the settings but it didn’t work any ideas left?
    if so contact me.
    By the way your work is AWESOME.
    Here’s the link to it hope you like it:

  • Ha ha forgot how to do the infinite floor now… which was a request from a client…. “who you gonna call….. not ghost busters…. NICK CAMPBELLLLLLLLLLL!!!” THANKS FOR EVERYTHING NICK!!!!

  • I have a problem: I can’t get the plane to disappear. I am using 11.5 and have done just like you did in the tutorial. Do you see the problem?

  • Nice Tut Nick, We are learning a lot from you, Thank you so much, and Keep up your Good work.

    Thanks once again πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick

    This is the most useful tutorial I have ever found for C4D! But I have a little question: I’ve tried to model a milk box and render it upon the infinite plane. The shadows look good, but when I try to use some reflection on it, it doesn’t look well, or the reflections just fails to render.. πŸ™ Can you give me some tip abou this probem?

    Thank you Gorilla, your site is the best!

  • Can someone help? For some reason, every time I render it, the background doesn’t show up. It’s just black, and doesn’t look right at all. It was fine before I went to render settings and tried to save it, but now it is just black.

  • Hi,

    I question.

    Lets say I got a floor and a background, with a material on it9 which has a animated displace shader.

    My problem is when I move the camera the background – in this case the sky stay fixed. So as the camera shakes, or move or rotated looks like the floor moving.

    Is that clear?

    Any suggestions, how should I fix this?



  • This has been an awesome thing to have in my bag o trix. I’ve run into a situation on a current project that this won’t work on. When you have some specific texture (in my case an alpha overlay) on the floor. It botches this structure since you can’t frontal map anything but a solid.

    The only option I’ve found is to do a disc shaped floor, add Sky, and render with GI. I’m sort of stuck trying to figure out how to get a quick render time. :-/

  • Hi Nick, first of all thanks for the contributions I have learned a lot with your tutorials
    my question is in R12 is the same.
    I tried to follow your steps but the floor is not compositing whit the background. thanks again. Jorge

  • I agree with everyone else who is using 11.5. I tried this tut just now and I can’t seem to get it to work right. GSG is using a newer version which includes a background option in the objects panel. I don’t know how that differs from older versions but it seems to be getting a lot of people stuck. Can you use a plane instead? I even tried to do the gradient and that didn’t seem to work either. I’ll check my settings and repost if there is something I missed but for now I’m stumped.

  • Hi Nick, firstly… big fan. Secondly, I’m just going through some of your older tuts and I came across the infinite background piece you did back in 2010, did you ever do an update on how to get reflections on that background? I disparately need reflections for a website I’m designing.

    Hit me back. Thnx for all the fantastic knowledge.

    Best regards,
    Marlon Marcano
    Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

  • Cant you just add both plane and sky, use the same color, and basically get the same effect?

  • I successfully use GI and reflections to make a infinite floor. Thank you Nick. I think everybody know you are very good at texturing and lighting. Would it possible for you to give us some tutorial about Sketch and Toon?

  • Hi Nick,

    When you use several area lights, with area shadows, and you try to make the infinite floor, its seem doesn’t work…in some point it show the plane limit..How yoy can fix this error?

    Thanks…By the way..yours tutorials rock!

  • Hi im trying to start some 3D in C4D…I followed your steps but whatever I try my sphere renders black dark:/ I even got Your light set and it doesnt seem to work…the background is great though..please help!!

  • That was very helpful. I was wondering for days how to do it. Thanks for sharing.

  • It seems that when I add multiple models or polys to my scene with this set up and separate lighting the floor texture appears to change. I’ve checked my composite tags, and texture settings again and again and I’ve found the biggest problem to be adding anything other than a simple polygon to trigger this. The separation from my BG to my groound plane needs to be seemless because I want to see shadows, but if I turn off appear in cam from my composite tag, I end up losing both, so that’s no fix. Any suggestions on a fix?

  • Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your tutorials.

    I’ve done all the steps in this tutorial, but I don’t like the result in my text. Grains are seen in the reflection. How i can fix it?

    Sorry for my bad English, greetings!

  • Hi Nick,

    Great tut, however I am getting a lot of flicker on the gradient background when animating using this background technique.

    I have disabled ambient occlusion on the background and floor to see if this is causing it and it still seems to happen. It’s as though the gradient on the material is moving all over the place.

    Anyone else had this problem, or know how to fix it?


    • I’ll answer my own question… I stupidly had enabled turbulence on the material.

      Great tutorial… works a treat πŸ™‚

  • Love you GreyscaleGorilla.
    I always know I can rely on your tutorials.

    I’m just hoping my work will upgrade us to R14 so I can continue with all the fun times Cinema has to offer! πŸ˜€


  • Pleaseeeeee! I followed this tutorial and everything works fine BUT, besides receiving shadows, i want the floor to receive LIGHTS.

    A good example of what i want is the traditional intro of Pixar movies (the one with Luxo jr )
    where you can see a seamless floor, shadows, and the floor being illuminated by Luxo’s spotligh


  • Thanks a lot, its a great tutorial, short and trully efective. thanks From Madrid .

  • hey all, i seem to be having the shadow issue as well…infinite floor tut worked great! no weird seams or anything…however, my subject looks like its just floating, there is no shadows underneath at all. i used an overhead light as well…please help?

  • I found this tut so helpful as a beginner in C4D.

  • Hi Nick,

    I hope you are still looking in on this forum, I purchased your kit and the seamless floor works great except when I do a multi-pass render, I tried selecting all the multi-pass options but still the floor renders as white. Any help is much appreciated.

  • hey man, can i use the global illumination when put this effect in a render??

  • That’s nice! This tutorial is really helpful and you are so handsome! Thank you very much!

  • Has anyone seen this before? I’m using the infinite floor technique along with Nick’s light kit, a physical camera with 1/15 shutter speed for motion blur?

    thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    Hi iΒ΄m using the HDR Studio Rig with the infinite floor:

    anybody else having the problem, that at the horizon a thin black line is showing when ambient occlusion is on.


    I know i can turn it off and it will be gone, but i would like to use it on the floor, as it gives nice contact shadows…

    any ideas for a fix or workaround?

    thank you

  • P.S. I extended the floor as much as possible, just to let you know….

  • Thanks a lot. Great tutorial again.

  • Is there a way to get this using the GI lighting with the physical render in R14? It seems the floor shows up once you click on the GI lighting in the physical render.

  • Good day!

    I’m new to Cinema 4d. May I know where I can find the “material editor” ( 01: 58 in the video)

    I can’t locate mine. attached is a screenshot:

    • On your top right of C4D, on the Layout option, it seems you have Modeling selected. If you switch to Startup, you’ll see it located on the same place. Alternatively, you can go to Window > Material Manager, and this way you don’t have to switch your layout.

  • this works fantastic in C4d but not so in Cineware. Any one out there can help? πŸ™‚

    • I’m having the same troubles too! Would be great to know if this is a Cineware issue or just me being a noobie πŸ™‚

    • I was having the same problem and found a fix: Right click on your Cinema 4d file in AE and then interpret footage. In the Main Options tab and under Alpha set the alpha to “Ignore.” The background object should now appear.

      • Jason,

        I love you man! I spent the last two hours of a sixteen hour day trying to figure this out.

  • I have my infinite floor and lighting set up perfectly. The problem is I am using a transparent texture for a spacecraft model which shows the horizon line. Could somebody help me out? I have spent days on my modelling and it would be a shame to not have it work out, I’m desperate.I can send the project file if it helps. Thanks.

  • If you’re rending out shadows to bring into AE with live footage, would you use the infinite floor so there isn’t a hard black line when the floor ends so that it doesn’t effect the multiply in AE?

  • Awesome idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks a million for this Nick! Fantastic tutorial!

    For those still having some troubles with getting a visible horizon line using GI I found that after reading somewhere above that disabling ‘Recieve GI’ in Ground Material >> Illumination >> Recieve GI, helps a tone.

    I also found that the position of the light which I used an above softbox along with three fill softboxes to light my product, played a big part in whether the horizon would show up. I found that the light being too close, especially from above would have less than ideal results. I took the lights further away and extended the fall off to reach the object really helped get the lighting I wanted and no horizon line.
    Not sure if it will work for everyone but hope it helps.

    Cheers again Nick.

  • Hi all, i am really sorry for the stupid question, that i am going to ask, but a can’t search it anymore. The background button is missing, i’ve search it everywhere, but didn’t found anything. Can someone please show “the lost person’s” way πŸ™‚ thanks
    Here’s a screen shot

  • Hey Nick!

    Great tut’s!!!!
    How did you texture your red balls in this scene? I really like the look.
    BTW I’m new to 3D and just figuring it out.

  • thank you

  • Love this and all the other tuts. I had to re-watch this a few times to get it all right but really nice and simple

  • So my C4d refuses to create this effect even though I followed the tutorial step by step, the texture is set to frontal and the compositing tag has the background option selected but it still does not work, any Ideas GSG community? Image:

  • how to make text with light balls background?

  • For anyone still struggling with the infinite reflective floor:

    Make duplicate your floor / background material. 1 will be for the floor, the other for the background. Leave the background one untouched.
    Add a reflection on the floor shader. Then add a Fresnel texture on that reflection. Make sure it goes from black (left) to white (right).
    Apply the floor material to the floor, remove the original material from it just to be sure.

    That should get you rid of the horizon!


  • anybody know why this thang doesn’t work in C4D Lite? Well it does work actually, but when you switch back to AE, (which you have to do cuz it’s Lite Rite?) the background doesn’t show up. Instead, I get some kind of alpha….Help…

    • Hi Scot
      I am having the same issue in wanting my infinite background to be visible in AE from c4d Lite.

      Did you end up finding a solution for this, and if so can you please share it with me?


  • When adding the Global Illumination to rendering, there is without infinite effect. How can I solve it?

  • I Know this is an old post, but it’s still useful. It totally helped me. Thanks!

  • thank you, gorilla. you helped me.

  • Great man just what I was looking for. I watch one of your tutorials everyday

  • Hi,
    Thanks for tutorial. But I didn’t have soft shadowing on the ground. Because the plane is composting background. If I don’t click on it. I have shadowing but than the background look bad. How can I fix it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just starting in cinema4d and EVERYTHING I need to know…you have the answer.

    Thank you!

  • Its not working in R18 version, Am I missing anything?

  • Same here.. get a horizontal line in R20

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