Quickly and easily create smooth 3D animation with Signal.

Animate Without Keyframes!

Signal allows you to instantly create complex animations with intricate loops, realistic noise, additive effects, and all with no keyframes.

Signal’s drag and drop procedural workflow makes complex animations easy and fun. Just drag any parameter onto the Signal tag and start animating.

Join over 4800 Cinema 4D artists already using Signal every day to improve their animation workflow.

Signal completely changed my way of thinking and conceiving animation, from the idea to the execution, thanks to the playful parametric workflow that allows me to achieve and manage complex animations easily. This plug-in is going to be a must-have tool for every motion designer.

Luca Genovese Freelance Motion Designer

Signal 1.5 Features Video Playlist

note: This is a YouTube playlist. Did you know you can hit Shift+n to skip forward to the next video? You can also hit Shift + p to go back to the previous video. Pretty cool huh?

Easily Animate to the Beat using Signal BPM

  • Divide time into measures based off a set BPM.
  • Drive parts of measures via up to 16 different splines.
  • Divide Measures into up to 16 beats.
  • Highlight current beat based on current time.
  • Utilize Muting, Triplets, and various spline presets.
  • Add up to 32 Measures in a single tab.
  • Create cumulative effects via “Additive” BPMS.
  • Limit animation to particular measures with Strength over time.
  • Handy presets to get different spline types and measure divisions.

Create Stop Motion FX using Step (Quantize)

  • Step Time to modulate the incoming time.
  • Step Value to modulate the output value.
  • Global Step Time and Value in the Output tab.

 Now you can Time Remap Noise!

  • Time Remap option in Noise Tabs. Lets the noise pattern progress not just by time, but now by being driven by another Signal Tag.

omg….. this setup is genius… i already love it… it is going to speed up workflow on these types of videos sooooo much

Feature List

  • NEW IN v1.5 Beats Per Minute (BPM) Modifier Tab
  • NEW IN v1.5 Step Time (or “Snapping”)
  • NEW IN v1.5 Time Remap Noise
  • Easy-to-use animation plugin for Cinema 4D
  • Tag based workflow fits seamlessly into C4D UI
  • Drag and drop ease of use
  • Animate any parameter in C4D without keyframes
  • Choose the start and end of your animation
  • Easily make a custom animation curves
  • Easily loop animations
  • 8 Animation Modifier types built in
  • Layer simple animation types to create complex animation
  • Several Noise types for random looking animation
  • Loop Noise animations with simple controls
  • Set noise speed for slow or fast effects

What’s Included?

  • “NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.
  • Hours of Comprehensive Training will help you master Signal
  • Scripts to further enhance Signal’s toolset Manipulate many attributes at once

Insane Amount of Control

With Signal’s simple, logical UI, you can control and manage each of your parameters in one place. You can also add “modifiers” to further tweak your animations. Creating complex animations was never so simple.



Easily Create Seamless Loops

Create animated GIFs or looping audio-visual backdrops with ease. Set your loop point and everything stays in sync. Even noise.

Experiment With Your Animation

Your animation is rarely perfect the first time. If you are like me, you set your keyframes and then continually adjust and tweak them to make them look just right. Or maybe the animation is almost perfect, but you just need a little bit of wiggle to make it look realistic. That’s where Signal comes in. Continually adjust and play with your animation without resetting any keyframes.


Playback Control

Use Playback controls to choose how your animation loops.





Preset Animation Curves

Ton’s of useful animation preset curves to help get you started. You can even create your own!


Not Just For PSR Animations

Position, Scale, and Rotation are no brainers, but you can apply Signal to ANY parameter in Cinema 4D.

Just drag any parameter into Signal and start animating right away!

Signal Scripts

Use our custom signal scripts to take control of your animation even further. Set random seeds or offset animation project-wide using Signal Scripts.

A game-changer for creating music based animations. Signal 1.5 helps create synced animations so much faster than before, allowing more time for creativity.

Mark Cernosia MFC Designs

Create Smooth Animation For your next render with Signal from Greyscalegorilla.

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Product Details
Release date:2016-07-04
Last updated:2020-04-28
Current version:1.5211s
Product type:Cinema 4D Plugin
File size:25mb
Requirements:R14 and above
Price:$129.00 USD

Reflectance got to be too complicated. Topcoat simplifies my life just like HDRI Studio did to help get the look I wanted.

Best HDRI’s on the Net I have searched everywhere!

HDRI Link simplifies workflow and increases productivity by easing the burden when transitioning between different rendering engines in Cinema 4D.

HDRI Link is a shortcut to the end of your HDRI scavenger hunt.

HDRI Link has become my go-to plugin when doing HDRI lighting in Arnold.

I have TopCoat docked in my layout, I use it so much. I’m always throwing on and layering a few things. It’s optimized well, too.

With clients using Redshift, Octane, and Arnold, the ability to hop between them is invaluable. Plus the ability to swap studio presets and save them… I’m not sure how people will be able to work without this.

GorillaCam is what EVERYONE needs to add that extra layer of depth to their animation. I cannot see myself going back to the standard Cinema 4D camera ever.

It’s hard to think that a tiny little tag can change your workflow so dramatically. But HDRI Link does just that.

Light Kit Pro has completely changed how I approach lighting my 3D scenes, making the process quicker and more enjoyable than ever.