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Drop Zone

A new plugin specifically created to speed up your workflow with other Greyscalegorilla plugins.

Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Exclusive to Plus Membership

Drag and Drop Sped Up.

Introducing Drop Zone, a workflow plugin built specifically for Greyscalegorilla Plus plugins. It is simple, yet so valuable. Simply drag various parameters into the Drop Zone and a tag is created! Depending on what you drag in, it will create a tag for Signal, HDRI Link, or GorillaCam. Instantly.

Boost your Signal

Speed up your animation workflow in Signal. Drag any parameter you want to animate onto Drop Zone, and it will automatically create a Signal tag in one simple step.

Works with HDRI Link

Set up HDRI Link easily and instantly by dropping the image parameter for your environment onto Drop Zone. Refer to the documentation for per-renderer specifics.


Fast-forward your work time with GorillaCam. Select a camera, drag it on to Drop Zone and a GorillaCam tag is automatically created.


  • Drag-and-drop tag workflow
  • Exclusively for Greyscalegorilla plugins
  • Works with Signal

  • Works with HDRI Link
  • Works with GorillaCam

Plus Exclusive

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