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A new plugin created to help you easily align and distribute your objects in Cinema 4D.

Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Exclusive to Plus Membership

Get Your Renders in Line

When you need the objects in your Cinema 4D render to line up. Enter Align. Quickly align and distribute your objects right in your viewport. Align Top. Align Left. Align any which way based on your objects’ bounding boxes. Need them spaced out evenly? This tool does that too! Align allows you to easily distribute your objects based on their pivot points. So, say goodbye to eyeballing and manually typing in coordinates. And say hello to easy alignment and distribution.

Familiar Controls

Align uses tools familiar to 2D programs to allow you to swiftly arrange or distribute your objects along any axis. Works in perspective and orthographic views.

Align objects quickly

Use your pivot point or the bounding box of your object to align things up. Align Horizontal. Vertical. Top. Bottom. Right. Left. Or X/Y/Z.

Evenly Distribute with One Click

Distribute your objects evenly in world space. Or if they are nested inside a parent object, you can use local space.


  • Align objects just like in popular 2D image programs
  • Work in orthographic or perspective mode
  • Line things up via the pivot point or bounding box
  • Align will use the bounding box of your shape for easy alignment.

  • Distribute objects along any axis
  • Distributes objects using your pivot point
  • Use world or local space for your distribution
  • Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus

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