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HDRI Collection

Area Light Maps Volume 2

40 high-dynamic range textures that offer authentic studio looks with realistic reflections. Fully compatible with HDRI Link.

$99 value exclusive to Greyscalegorilla Plus members.

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Light it up.

The next volume of Area Light Maps. 40 high-dynamic range maps of pro studio lights for ultra realistic studio reflections, compatible with the speedy workflow of HDRI Link in Cinema 4D.


40 New Light Maps

40 new high-dynamic-range images, for everything from ring lights to soft boxes to quasar banks, and more.

New Gradient Lights

Get velvet soft reflections on your product render with our newest gradient lights.

New Softbox Grids

A new array of softbox grids are ready for you to use as is, or you can control scaling, exposure, and color temperature as needed.

New Light Arrays

Why use dozens of lights when you can use one? Use one of our light arrays that mimic giant light setups, but only use a single Area Light. It adds complexity and realism to the scene while also speeding up your render time.


Drag-and-drop these light map textures directly onto any Area Light in Cinema 4D using HDRI Link and the Plus Library.

Hand Craft any reflection

Compatible with most major third-party render engines like Redshift, Octane, and Arnold.

Product Details


  • 40 high-dynamic range image textures
  • 2K resolution
  • New Array Lights
  • New Soft Gradient Lights
  • Updated Soft Boxes
  • New Umbrella Lights
  • New Stage Lighting Maps
  • New Quasar Banks
  • Works with the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library


  • Cinema 4D R20 and up
  • HDRI Link
  • Redshift
  • Arnold
  • Octane
  • Not compatible with Standard, Physical, or Pro Render


  • Greyscalegorilla Plus Exclusive
  • Single-user license
  • Installed via the GSG Hub

Plus Exclusive

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