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HDRI Collection: Pro Studios

75 HDRI so professional, they are the all-time best selling HDRI pack from Greyscalegorilla.

Exclusive to Plus Membership

75 professional studio spaces for Cinema 4D

Bring your scenes to life with clean reflections and studio quality lighting.

HDRI Pro Studios Collage

Key Features

Pink/blue colored pear

Realistic Studio Lighting

75 curated and designed HDRI made specifically to give your 3D objects and models that commercial photo finish.

Macro DOF - HDRI Pro Studios Angled

Drag-and-Drop into Cinema 4D

Using Greyscalegorilla’s HDRI Link and Studio Rig browser, working with HDRI just became the easiest part of your lighting setups.

Render Ready

Compatible with most third-party render engines (Redshift, Octane, Arnold) when using HDRI Link. Compatible with Standard/Physical renderer when using HDRI Studio Rig.

Everything You Need

“The end of your HDRI scavenger hunt.”

Lukasz P

Product Details


  • 75 high-dynamic-range images
  • 6K (6000 x 3000) resolution
  • Inspired by real studio lighting
  • Popular looks and colors


  • Cinema 4D R14 and up
  • HDRI Link
  • HDRI Studio Rig
  • Redshift
  • Arnold
  • Octane
  • Corona
  • V-Ray
  • Standard / Physical Renderer


  • Cinema 4D Asset
  • EXR Files
  • 1.7GB File Size
  • Single-user license

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