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Light Kit Pro

Create Perfect Studio Lighting for Arnold, Octane, Redshift, and Physical Renderers.

  • Professional studio presets included
  • Perfect for Product renders and Mograph
  • Studio lighting at your fingertips
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Studio Lighting Unleashed

Take control of your 3D lights like you are in a real-world studio.


Key Features

7 Types of Studio Lights

Use lifelike setups with the Softbox, Umbrella, Kino Flo, LED Ring, Ring, Panel, or Ambient lighting options.

Render Switch

Seamlessly move between Standard / Physical, Redshift, Octane, and Arnold with a few clicks.

120 Render Ready Studios

Real studio environments created with 1-click. All designed and built by working professional artists.

Instant Studio Backdrops and Sets

9 different cyc objects for quick studio setups, all customizable to meet your very own needs.

Build, Save, and Browse Studios

Build your own studios and save them as custom presets so you can use them over and over, or browse the 120 included studios with the Light Kit Browser.

Expert Controls

Are you an advanced power user? Expose the light and compositing tags to get fine grain control when you need it.

Speed Through Projects

“Having studio presets at my fingertips speeds up my workflow ten-fold.”

Mark C

Product Details


  • 7 studio light types
  • 9 customizable cyc objects
  • 120 studio presets
  • Light Kit Browser
  • Three Viewport modes
  • Build and save custom studios


  • Cinema 4D R14 and up
  • Standard / Physical
  • Redshift
  • Octane
  • Arnold


  • Cinema 4D plugin
  • Version 3.1S
  • 500MB file size
  • Single-user license

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