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Guide to Cinema 4D

Your Ultimate Guide to Diving Deep Into Cinema 4D

From beginner to the latest features, you are covered with everything you need to make killer renders in Cinema 4D. Over 500+ hours in Cinema 4D training at your fingertips.

$39 per month. Included with Plus.

Get all the Whys behind the Hows

“The training is great at teaching the skills rather than teaching just to make a certain look. The most important part of tutorials for me is hearing the 'Why'.”

James K

Learn the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of the biggest render engines

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Guide to Redshift

$299 Value

Go in as a complete Redshift beginner and come out ready to light, shade, and render your way to a wow-worthy project.

Intro to Arnold

$299 Value

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow Arnold training. Learn your way around then dive deeper into new features and tools.

Getting Started With Octane

$199 Value

Learn the basics of Octane from Octane Jesus himself, David Ariew.

Intro to Houdini


Understand the lingo of Houdini with this mind-blowingly approachable introduction to this cutting-edge software. All taught by an expert who’s work you’ve likely seen in several Marvel blockbusters.

$299$39 per month. Included in Plus.

Easy to Grasp Tutorials

“I really love how you guys handle such an intricate and often difficult topic like 3D Design and Animation and make it easy to learn.”

Dave G,
Creative Director


Create epic animations and true-to-life renders

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Guide to X-Particles

$299 Value

Create swarms. Or render storms. Or go bigger with a swarm of storms. Control the weather patterns of your animated world at whim. Devour the 20+ hours of training, 70 videos and project scene files, then bend particles to your will.

Orange shape

Animation Fundamentals

$299 Value

Use design fundamentals to create timeless work with animation super curves. Or make cubes perform gymnastic feats. Get the technical skills and workflow fundamentals to add animation to your designs, in 9+ hours of video and all the scene and training files for working along.

Getting to Know Aces

$299 Value

Blend ACES colors in Arnold for striking realism.

Product Visualization

$199 Value

Make a beer can sweat, or cast the perfect shadow on it.

AskGSG Seasons 1-4

Let's see how far we can push Cinema 4D.

How do designers tackle complex projects in C4D? How do you make a logo all spiky? Or how to pop a balloon, model a squid, create crazy camera moves, and push Mograph to it’s limits? That’s the kind of deep questions 200+ hours of AskGSG dig into…. Watch us work on projects in real-time. And apply our tips and workflows to your own work.

$39 per month. Included with Plus

Worth It. Even With Other Trainings

“Already had purchased the Redshift and X-Particles training in the past, but decided to subscribe to Plus anyways. The Houdini and procedural training was what pushed me over the edge.”

Bobby E

If you bought each of these training sessions on their own, you’d pay over $4,600

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  • 4,000+ realistic materials and textures
  • Hundreds of motion design assets, elements, and scene files
  • All of our award-winning Cinema 4D plugins

Get over $14,000 of Tools and Training

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  • 14 Award-Winning C4D Plugins and Scripts$1,719
  • Over 5,000 Materials, HDRIs, and other 3D Assets$6,784
  • 500+ hours of pro training$6,369
  • Total Value$14,962
  • Greyscalegorilla Plus Membership$39 per month

Save Time

Unlock your creativity with Greyscalegorilla Plus: Streamline workflows and say goodbye to endless asset searches. Get instant access to all of our assets for one price. No credits. No hassle.

Complete Library

Unleash your 3D potential with instant access to 5000+ curated materials, HDRIs, textures, and 3D models created by our in-house design team. Compatible with C4D, Blender, Houdini, Unreal Engine and all other 3D applications.

Pricing For Every Budget

Choose Monthly or Save Big with an Annual membership. Instantly Access Our Full Suite of Tools and Stay Ahead with New Releases.

Exclusive C4D Benefits

Gain exclusive access to your library right within Cinema 4D, along with all our award-winning plugins like Signal, HDRI Link, and much more!

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$468 Billed Annually
  • Save $324 When You Pay Annually!
  • Over 5,000 3D assets: materials, textures, models, and HDRIs
  • Compatible with ALL major 3D applications
  • All of our time-saving plugins for Cinema 4D
per month
  • Only $66 to Get Started Today!
  • Over 5,000 3D assets: materials, textures, models, and HDRIs
  • Compatible with ALL major 3D applications
  • All of our time-saving plugins for Cinema 4D


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