Cinema 4D Quick Tip 6 – Render Settings Tab

July 6, 2015


In this Quick Tip, I wanted to show you how to set up and save your own custom render settings in Cinema 4D. It’s a part of Cinema 4D that I haven’t really used until now. But now that I do, I really love it.

Watch The Quick Tip

If you are interested in owning the custom Greyscalegorilla render presets, check out the new HDRI Studio Pack 2.0 and this Training Video about the Custom Render Settings.

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  • Didn’t know about these before, thank you very much Nick.

  • hi guys
    do have more ideas for me
    mike howe.

  • Thanks Nick. I love these quick tutes. They are the type of tricks you learn by sitting next to another pro every day. When you transition to doing a lot of offsite work, you really miss them. But as a result, I’ll probably be utilizing these in a professional setting as early as tomorrow AM. And that’s why I love this damn site! All the best man!

  • Hi Guys,

    Great great tip there.I was just wondering though if anyone knows how to save the render settings with the child hierarchy intact?

    I have added my custom settings to my default template C4D file so that when it loads a up initially all the settings are their,however when I then choose to make a new scene file all my custom render settings aren’t their…..driving me a lil’ crazy,so if anyone could shed any light on how to achieve this that would be AMAZING!

    Peace from London

    • hey hey,
      did you tried this?

      – create your render settings
      – save your file with the name “new.c4d”
      – move it to your cinema 4d root folder, e.g. “CINEMA 4D R17”
      – now when you start your cinema it will open this preset file

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