How To Build An Animated Dynamic Character In Cinema 4D With Motion Capture

August 31, 2016


In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, you will learn how add dynamics to Motion Capture data to create an animated character. We will use Dynamics, Mograph Cloners, and the Random Effector to set up the main animation.

This video is part of an ongoing series of videos all about how to use motion capture data in Cinema 4D. Watch the full training series here.

At the end of this tutorial, I use our two most popular plugins, Topcoat and HDRI Studio pack to quickly and easily set up beautiful reflections and HDRI Lighting in this scene. Check out these plugins and more from the GSG store to help speed up your render workflow.

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HDRI Studio
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This training series was inspired by your questions about how to make animations like this amazing AICP Sponsor Reel Animation by Method Studios.

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  • Thanks this tutorial:) *-* That was greate.
    I want to ask thatDo you will create a tutorial about how to clothing a CHARACTER?:)

  • nice new serie of tuts 😉

    as an idea i’d really love to see tutorials about 3d camera tracking and inserting cg elements in videos


  • This is great but…is it just me or the tutorials becoming more and more beginner friendly? Wish we have a better mix of advanced and beginner stuff like before…

    • Thanks for the comment Farzad! We try to put out a wide variety of tutorials at varying levels of complexity. In the next few weeks we are going to be releasing a crazy amount of tutorials/content and I promise that there will be some pro-level stuff in there! Is there anything particular you’d like us to cover? We are always looking for suggestions.

  • Last time I checked 8 x 2 = 16 not 18

  • Really cool tutorial serie, Nick! Love it, just started to play with Cinema for a couple off weeks and I’ve already learned a lot of Greyscalegorilla.

    Some things I would really love to see how to approach:
    How to apply cloth to the animation so it looked like some ghost is dancing.
    How to do the morphng textures like in the clip of Method Studios.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi!,
    Awesome tut!.
    I’d like to see AO tut, maybe explanation about what it all means and what it does as well as GI tut what everything means.
    Thank you

  • Great tutorial, I have a problem with the animation, when I try to set a keyframe for anything I just can’t, cinema locks everything after I load the mixamo animation, like I cannot set a keyframe for the position of a cube 🙁 . Don’t know how to solve it, help.

  • Just want to say I enjoy the push to Youtube and a greater audience. As much as it’s informative for learning C4D on a bigger platform, it’s also interesting to see what kinds of design, brand and presentation changes you’re making to better appeal to more people!

  • I feel like eventually GSG is going to do a monthly subscription for this content as its soo dam good but hopefully he wont.

  • Name of the intro song. Please !

  • The color of small spheres not changing to random color even I set the material just like you by using variation.
    and I can’t set the animation for small spheres’ counts in the clone tap even I unlock at the task manager,,,
    Thank you for the tutorials by the way!

  • HI GSG Team !
    Thanks for these greats tuts. Do you know a way to animate a metaball using mixamo animations ? Sorry for the english, i’m french ! 🙂

  • William Willoughby September 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Would love to see a tutorial on how to Add More than one Piece of MoCap info into a Squence.. Like for the Dance Moves on

    How can I add More than 1 Dance Move to make a longer animation

  • William Willoughby September 11, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Can you guys do a tutorial on Animation Transitions / Motion Clips.

    A Better version of this tutorial would be awesome!

    Thank you for everything you guys do, your truly appreciated!

  • Awesome series. Have loved following along so far and learned loads of new techniques.

    My request for the next chapter would be for a fizzing particle sort of look. Imagine if the character was made out of berrocca or something similar and the particles were fizzing off and disintegrating as he danced around.
    Is there a way to do it without X-particles too?


  • First?Great tut?thanks a lot?
    would love to get the joint document for practice

  • First,Great tut,thanks a lot
    would love to get the joint document for practice

  • HI GSG Team!

    a very good tutorial of you I follow you for two years and I have already learned a lot and I want to learn even more at so many thanks to you greetings from Belgium stefaan

  • I love this tutorial, so I did it 🙂
    Thanks Greyscalegorilla group.

  • Hi guys thank you so much for all these fantastic tutorials. I`m a hobby artist and still learnig so much form your tutorials : ) This is my try:

  • Hi guys

    Great tutorial, I’ve revisited it for an upcoming art installation that is basically a giant VR installation, we’ll be using our own mocap and bringing choreography into the motion design process…

    I’m struggling to figure out (or find tutorials on) ways to apply constraints to the clones once the cloner is set to ‘object’ and ‘surface’ and driven by mocap data… can you help?

    For example, I want a figure made of long cuboids but I want them to always face upwards. Doesn’t seem to work when it’s setup to work with motion capture…

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