Make A Glossy Metal Robot Animation In Cinema 4D

August 29, 2016

FBXDancerOriginalRed_Camera_1_a 2

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, you will learn how to easily texture and light Motion Capture data to create a reflective metal robot 3D character animation. This video is part of an ongoing series of videos all about how to use motion capture data in Cinema 4D. Watch the full training series here.

In this tutorial, I use our two most popular plugins, Topcoat and HDRI Studio pack to quickly and easily set up beautiful reflections and HDRI Lighting in this scene. Check out these plugins and more from the GSG store to help speed up your render workflow.

HDRI Studio
HDRI Collections

This training series was inspired by your questions about how to make animations like this amazing AICP Sponsor Reel Animation by Method Studios.

Watch The Tutorial

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  • I would love to see a fully rigged automotive animation render

  • liquids, i would love to see liquids. Something that doesn’t use realflow

  • Some more lighting and rendering tutorials with Arnold would be awesome.

  • Would love to see more professional animation and VFX pipeline tutorials such as rigging characters, adding hair, clothing etc. and also tutorials gear towards adding an effect into a live action plate rather than just motion graphics stuff. An example could be using the new voronoi fracture in R18 to create a glass shatter effect to break a window in a shot. Great stuff as always and I’m happy to get anything for free but since you asked that’s my 2 cents 😀

  • Totorial idea:
    This Firenado was in the NY Times today.
    It feels like a X-particles tutorial possibility with vortex?

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