Setup an Interactive Render Window in Cinema 4D for Faster Feedback

November 15, 2016


In this short video, I will show you how to set up a realtime interactive render view for use with Physical Renderer.

This new layout and workflow has sped up my iteration process and C4D workflow in general. So, I wanted to show you how you could set it up in your scene.

Download My Cinema 4D Layout Here


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  • Que guapo que estás!

  • really, really good idea. Thanks again!

  • There is also a really nice free plugin called MagicPreview which I used to use quite often for those kind of jobs.

    • Yup, I was thinking about the same thing Pascal, our Greek friend Nitroman developed that a long long time ago and you can navigate in the render window too. Funny thing, my layout looks almost like Nick’s but with Magic Preview, mostly for Vray.
      But nevertheless, great “tutorilla™” from the gorilla hahah

  • This is awesome! any idea why mine reduces the polygons before starting the render? I have the exact same setup as you, but each time i make a change, it starts “reducing polygons” before each render.

  • Sweet tip

    You guys are always talking about Arnold and Octane on your podcast…curious to see a video comparison of them all as interactive renderers.

  • Love the tutorial. Can you maybe do one about the lighting and camera set up when you yourself is on the camera?

  • Funny, I showed this many years ago on my lessons here. But it´s useful, no doubt. Anyway, nice layout.

    • Hi Pavel.

      Love your work! Just saw that bike render you did!

      We also did a Interactive Render region tutorial a while back, but this layout is so much better for my workflow lately. Thanks for watching!

  • Hi Nick,
    Great tutorial/tip as always-thanks a million for all you guys do.
    Help, I can’t get the interactive render region to come up on the new window that i created as per the tutorial, when i try this even though I have set the new window to be the “use as render view ” the interactive region insists on just coming up on the viewport. I’d love to use this as it seems really useful.
    The layout that you provided as a download does work so maybe there is another setting I’m missing?
    Many thanks

  • @RICH … Had the same Problem. Solution was to dock the window to the Layout.

    • Hi Christian, thanks for your answer. You’re awesome and that was completely the problem-it’s now fixed. Thanks again as his could be a game changer for me!!
      Thanks to nick again for the original tip.

  • how to subscribe to your channel? I don’t see any subscription bottom…

  • Great tutorial!!

  • Thanks Nick,

  • Typo: you wrote “speed” but meant to write “sped” up above.

  • =))) THANK YOU, MATE!

  • WOW! great thank you Nick!

  • ive downloaded the project file but where do I install the .l4d file and how do I open it??

  • Can help How to install thank

  • Hi where do i place the files to install the layout? i couldn’t see the button use as render view.

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