Make a Spinning Logo in Cinema 4D

by Nick Campbell

Break up your logos in style.

In this Classic Greyscalegorilla tutorial, learn how to make a simple spin logo animation with Cinema 4D. This is a two part tutorial.

In Part 1, I used Cinema 4D, Mograph, and the Random Effector to animate a simple logo. I show you how to add different textures for the front and sides of your logo. Finally, we animate a camera using CS Tools: Easy Cam and prepare our animation for render.

In Part 2 of this tutorial, we take our 3D render into After Effects to composite and finish the scene. I show you how to use glow, curves, blurs, and levels to color correct the scene and add some shine. I also show you how to make a fun stripe animation using Precomps and a Track Matte.

This tutorial was recorded using Cinema 4D R11.5.


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