Our Process: Tactile Leather Materials

Go behind the scenes of our Leather material collection, carefully curated from sources around the globe and masterfully captured through our unique Tactile process.

by Greyscalegorilla


When we set out to create the ultimate set of leather and suede materials for our members, we knew it would be a challenge, but we also knew the studio would smell amazing…

These materials would be part of our Tactile assets in Greyscalegorilla Plus, which means they were meticulously sourced, captured, and processed by a team of highly skilled artists.


As with any new project, we started with research. Chad Ashley, our Head of Product, along with our Sourcing Producer, tossed ideas back and forth on Pinterest to get the creative juices flowing. We looked at everything from the latest fashion trends to traditional leather working techniques. Once we had a good understanding of what we were looking for, we started contacting suppliers and tanneries.


The next step was to get some samples. A good swatch in hand can really give you a feel for what a collection could be. It’s difficult to get an idea of the surface properties of something you’ve only seen online. In this case, samples were fairly easy to procure, and once they arrived in the studio, we laid them all out and began to see the collection start to take shape.

With all the samples spread out on a table, we began picking and choosing different grain types, colors, and finishes that would all work together. This is where having a talented interior designer on the team really helps. We carefully chose finishes and color palettes that match current trends in both interior and product design.

To ensure top-quality materials, we ordered various samples of leather and suede. This enabled us to test them in different conditions, assess their compatibility for a cohesive collection, and catalog our selections in Figjam. Once we found the perfect materials, we began the ordering process. From here, it was important that deliveries were on schedule to facilitate the entire Tactile process.



A few weeks later, a boatload of hides showed up at the studio. Our Tactile Texture Artist took over from there. He cataloged everything against our Figjam board and began the process of capturing (fancy word for scanning) all of the hides. He tested roughness settings and compared them against the real hides under different light. It was also tricky determining which hides had enough depth to warrant full displacement maps. A quick set of test scans showed us that only a few would benefit from them (waste not, want not).


Once the raw scans were finished, he had the somewhat arduous task of processing them into full PBR materials. This went rather smoothly with the exception of a few tricky grain patterns that had to be carefully dealt with. The team then meticulously tested each material with some proprietary in-house tools and after a few rounds of checks, they were ready for release.



As you can see, we take this whole asset business VERY seriously. We sweat the details so you can be the hero. If you’re in search of a generic leather texture that simply gets the job done, our offering might not meet your needs. But if you want a material that’s been thoroughly thought out and is guaranteed to “just work”, then you should definitely explore the Leather and Suede materials in the Greyscalegorilla Plus library.


In this video, we dive into our Leather and Suede materials, showing how they empower artists like you to create stunning results in less time.

Each day, our dedicated artists pour their passion into crafting materials, like these Tactile assets, part of our extensive premium library of over 4000 curated assets. Thanks to Greyscalegorilla Plus, you can enjoy the simplicity of accessing exceptionally high-quality and ready-to-use textures without the hassle of credits.

Join thousands of Greyscalegorilla Plus artists today, and enhance your artistic journey, no matter where it takes you.

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