1. Half Rez 2014: Chris Schmidt – Half Rez Cinema Smash 3 Comments

    At Half Rez 2014, Chris continues to try to use Cinema 4D in the most impractical ways possible. This year is Half Rez Cinema Smash, a cube combat game played in realtime in the viewport of Cinema 4D. In this breakdown he explains how his brothers Danny and Johnny translated a python SDK for Xbox controls in C4D python object and the rest was just playing with xpresso and dynamics. In no way suitable for any kind of distribution.

    This video was filmed during Half Rez 2014, a motion design and 3D animation festival in Chicago, Illinois.

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  2. How to Create Bubble Text in Cinema 4D 16 Comments

    Bubble Text

    In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can easily create bubble or balloon type inside of Cinema 4D.  We will start off by using a MoText object and turn it into fun, bubbly, cartoony type!  Then I’ll show you how you can take it even further by using Soft Body Dynamics Pressure settings to make it look like your type is inflating or even deflating like a balloon.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!

    Be sure to check out my lynda.com course where I show you how to animate this type of cartoony balloon type using Jiggle Deformers in Cinema 4D!

    Creating a Bouncy Cartoon Logo in Cinema 4D


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  3. Half Rez 2014: Gavin Morrissey – 3D Printing & C4D Collide Leave a Comment

    In this video recorded at Half Rez, Gavin Morrissey shows off the wonderful world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Starting with a short history, then moving onto the modern applications of 3D printing. Finally, Gavin jumps in to Cinema 4D and shows off ways to prepare 3D files to be printed and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

    This video was filmed during Half Rez 2014, a motion design and 3D animation festival in Chicago, Illinois.

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  4. A Look Back At Half Rez 2014 Leave a Comment

    Watch the Video

    2014 was the biggest Half Rez yet. Huge thanks to everyone for making it an outstanding night of networking, presentations, tech demos, and of course drinking. Big thanks to our sponsors as always who helped make this possible. Thank you to Gavin Morrissey for showing off live 3D printing, Brian McCauley and Brad Backofen for showing off a 3D world inside the Oculus Rift, videographer Keith Claunch, and of course all the people who came out to enjoy the night with us. We hope to see you again next year, details will be coming out soon for that.

    Huge Thanks to our Sponsors

    Video Copilot
    Red Giant
    Chicago C4D

    First of the presentations

    Gavin Morrissey – 3D Printing & C4D Collide
    Watch The Presentation

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  5. 30 X-Particles Scene Files Now Included with A New V3 License or V3 Upgrade 11 Comments


    X-particles is the easiest and most fun way of adding literally millions of particles and effects to your Cinema 4D renders. If you haven’t seen what it can do, check out our intro to X-Particles tutorial or watch how fast it is to set up the new FLUID solver.

    We have been using it a lot here at Greyscalegorilla. And now, you can thirty of our internal scene files when you purchase any X-Particles license or an V3 upgrade through the Greyscalegorilla Store. Get all the scene files featured on this page and more.

    If you already own a V3 License from Greyscalegorilla, you will automatically get this in your email.

    Visit the X-Particles Page To Learn More

    Animated Scene Files

    Primitive Project – Pink Hair Renders


    Sub Surface Scattering Skin Blob


    Joint Chain Wing Rig


    DOF Web With Hair


    Follow Surface Modifier Example

    Visit the X-Particles Page To Learn More

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