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  1. X-Particles 3.0 13 Comments

    X-Particles 3.0 has arrived and is available in the Greyscalegorilla Store. If you are a current owner of X-Particles 2.5, you can upgrade to 3.0 here, or if you don’t own X-Particles, you can buy a new license here.

    If you buy from The Greyscalegorilla store, you will be able to download scene files that we have made with X-Particles that you can use in your projects or to learn from.

    New Flocking System

    Network Modifier

    Tendril Modifier

    Awesome New Fluid System

    The new fluid and FLIP solver makes smoke, fire and liquid simulations way easier and more realistic. Check out the test renders below from some other X-Particle users to see the new system in action.

    Tons Of Other New Features

    There are more effects and modifiers in the new Version. So many that we are still learning about them. Look for test renders and examples soon. Or, get X-Particles today and start learning this powerful system with us. See everything new in X-Particles 3 here.

    See What X-Particles Users Have To Say

    Buy X-Particles From Greyscalegorilla

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  2. How to Use Sketch and Toon’s Sketch Style Tags in Cinema 4D 15 Comments

    Continuing on the Sketch and Toon tutorial theme, this tutorial covers Sketch Style Tags, what they are, what they do, and how to make them your best friend in your Sketch and Toon workflow in Cinema 4D. I’ll start off by going over what you’re presented with when you first set up a Sketch and Toon scene and how to blow past the defaults and take control over your S&T creations. Sketch Style Tags basically work similarly to Material Tags only are much deeper and give you total control over what Sketch Material is applied and what Line Styles are added to individual objects.

    I mention some of my previous tutorials on Sketch And Toon and Cel Shader that you should check out first so you have a good foundation for the basics of both of those subjects and you’ll be well equipped to dive into a specific tool inside of Sketch and Toon.

    To learn how I recreated this line art style of illustration in Cinema 4D, check out my Creating Line Art Animations Using Sketch and Toon tutorial.

    Also to learn how I used Cel Shader for the flat 2D shading, check out this tutorial about using the Cel Shader to create Illustrative Style Animations.


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  3. Make A Stylized Mograph Animation With Depth Of Field And Dynamic Strings 14 Comments

    In this AskGSG segment, Rod Eiji asks how to make the pen scene in this really cool render by Tony Zagoraios. First, Chris builds the string rig and the basic modeling for the scene. Then, Nick lights and adds the Depth Of Field look.

    Watch the Video

    This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.

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  4. What Would You Ask Greyscalegorilla? 6 Comments

    We get a lot of feedback and suggestions for tutorials here at Greyscalegorilla. Most of them in the form of…

    “We Want More Tutorials!”
    “How Do You Do This In Cinema 4D?”

    We’ve always wanted to post more tutorials, answer more questions, and play with Motion Design and 3D. So we started an experiment.

    We decided to do a live show once a week specifically to answer your C4D questions. We called it AskGSG and it has been a huge success over the last couple months.

    If you haven’t been to one of our live shows, you may have been missing out on some of the most fun tutorials Chris and I have ever made.

    Of course, It’s impossible to answer ALL the questions we get from you budding C4D artists out there. But, now that we have a weekly show dedicated JUST for that, it’s a lot easier for you to get your questions answered. Just bring your questions to one of the live shows, ask it in the chat room, and Chris or I will try to answer it. It’s that easy.

    Can’t make it to the live shows? Or do you want all the Scene Files from these tutorials? Check out our Patreon Page. Through Patreon, our supporters have made the live show possible and allowed us to post some of our favorite segments from the live show as tutorials on Greyscalegorilla.

    Visit The Patreon Page

    Below are just some of the questions we have tried to answer from artists like you. Some of them are out already as tutorials, and some we have scheduled to come out very soon. But all of them were made by first asking the question “How Was This Created?”

    Thanks for all your questions over the last few months. And, if you want to AskGSG, stop on by the live show and we will do our best to answer all your Cinema 4D questions. Hope to see you there!






    Egg Y








    Be sure to visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule to watch the Live Stream and check the blog every week for a new tutorial.

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  5. How to Use The Collision Deformer To Make A Shockwave 16 Comments

    In this AskGSG segment, toninhotoneta asks us how to make this crazy technique in this video by Sogno. His scene file is available for download as well if you want to take a look at that. We tackled it by using the Collision Deformer and some basic Lighting Rigs.

    Watch the Video

    This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.

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