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  1. Render Farm Heaters, Data Providers, Pivoting, And Whirly Ball 2 Comments

    In this episode, we talk about wasted Render farms, and better data plans. We talk about how to keep learning and pivot to making things that work, and we talk about why Whirlyball is way better than Paint Ball.

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    Show Notes
    Pixel Plow
    Google Fi
    AskGSG Season Two Recap
    Ask GSG Twitch
    Creativity INC

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  2. Pixel Plow gets GSG Certified 14 Comments

    We are happy to announce that cloud rendering company Pixel Plow is now officially GSG Certified!


    Who is Pixel Plow?

    Pixel Plow is a cloud rendering service that is based in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been watching them for some time and have continuously been impressed with their service in both terms of speed and cost efficiency.

    Here is how they describe themselves, “During our search for a good render farm service, we began taking a critical look at how other farms operated. We quickly discovered several ways to increase accessibility, affordability, and security in every aspect of your render farm experience. Pixel Plow is the continuation of our effort to provide this experience in a simple, competitive package.  With thousands of clients in over 65 countries around the world, Pixel Plow is quickly becoming a dominant force in the cloud rendering industry.”

    What does GSG Certified mean?

    In a nutshell, it means that we fully endorse Pixel Plow. First off, we have made sure all our products work in their system so you don’t have to worry whether or not they have our plugins installed. Secondly, we believe Pixel Plow offers a top-of-class cloud rendering product for the best price. Many times in our testing, Pixel Plow would be even more cost effective than an Amazon EC2 system of similar specs!

    Why  Pixel Plow?

    • Greyscalegorilla tools are fully supported. No more worrying about what cloud rendering solution has all of our tools.
    • Pixel Plow supports both Physical AND Arnold.
    • Ease of use: We think cloud rendering should be as simple as possible. We also think cloud rendering shouldn’t be stressful or complicated.
    • Affordability: Pixel Plow’s unique “Power Level” setting allows you to adjust the potential cost of your render. Making it fit within most budgets. We think cloud rendering should be affordable for all.
    • Great Support: Pixel Plow is based in the USA so you can usually get support quickly and not have to worry about things getting lost in translation.
    • NO FTP NEEDED: Pixel Plow will write image files directly to your system. No FTP’ing back and forth. Yay!



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  3. AskGSG Season Two Recap And Announcing Season Three 2 Comments

    Music provided by Art List

    Thanks to everyone for making another season of AskGSG amazing. Without your questions the show could not exist! Season two had 39 episodes, over 79 hours of Q&A and lots of great guests.

    Season Three Starts October 12th!

    We’re gearing up for season two beginning on Wednesday the 12th of October at 1PM CST. Mark your calendar, get those questions ready and be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch and follow out newsletter to never miss a show. We have so much more in store including special guests and special tutorials only for people who watch live. See you then!

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    We got you covered. We just released Seasons 1 and 2 of Ask GSG Archive for purchase on our new GSG Training site. Over 150 hours of Recordings are now available for you to watch at any time on any device.

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    Of course, anyone and everyone can watch AskGSG LIVE for free every Wednesday starting next week! As always, get your C4D questions ready and we will see you LIVE for the first episode of AskGSG Season 3 Live on Twitch.

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  4. C4D Layouts, AskGSG, And The Take System 3 Comments

    In this episode, we talk about Cinema 4D Layouts, AskGSG Season 3, Some of our most used Scripts, And why we should all be using the Take System more than we do now. We even get into a bit of Tutorial Theory about how to best teach beginners and intermediate Cinema 4D artists.

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    Show Notes
    Ask GSG Season 3 Starting Soon on Twitch
    HDRI Link – Coming Soon
    Brograph Podcast
    Windows Utilities Video
    CV ToolBox
    Active Solo
    Magic Anim Curve
    Set A Custom Layout With New.c4d
    HOMEWORK – Learn the Take/Tokens Systems everybody!
    Shift C to Search
    SSS Balls

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  5. Variance Techniques in Arnold for Cinema 4D 26 Comments

    Learn useful variance techniques using Arnold for Cinema 4D in this Cinema 4D Tutorial.

    About This Video:
    In this video, Chad Ashley from demonstrates several variance techniques using the Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D. Variance is the key to realism. In nature, there is no such thing as perfect duplicates. In fact, you want to add as much variance across your scene as possible. At the same time, you don’t want hundreds of unique copies of your shaders/materials. This is exactly why so many renderers have these sorts of variance features.  You want one shader that can drive many objects in a scene and still have varying attributes.

    Don’t have Arnold? Check out the demo linked below!

    Download the Arnold for Cinema 4D Demo here:

    Get the Alshaders here:

    Get the leaf model from Turbosquid here:

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