1. Intro To X-Particles 29 Comments

    In this short video, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to X-Particles. See how to set up basic emitters and add modifiers to start to take control over millions of particles. Look for more X-Particles tutorials very soon on Greyscalegorilla.

    Learn More About X-Particles

    X-Particle Examples

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  2. Choosing The Correct Focal Length For Cinema 4D Cameras 14 Comments


    Many 3D artists never bother changing the default focal length of their camera. However, choosing the right “lens” makes a huge difference when setting up the composition and feeling of your scene. There is a rich language of film and photography that you can use to make your renders look and feel the way you want them to.

    Learning even a bit about traditional photography or composition can do wonders for your final renders. Below are a few rules to get you started in the right direction when picking the right focal length for your scene.

    Wide Angle Lenses (15-35mm) Make Things Look…

    • Large
    • Impressive
    • Powerful
    • Looming
    • Overwhelming

    Telephoto Lenses 85-300mm) Make Things Look…

    • Small
    • Fun
    • Cute
    • Far Away
    • Weak
    • Attractive

    You should combine these rules with the angle of the camera. As a general rule, if you want the hero of your scene to appear large, try looking UP at it. The opposite is the same. Looking down on objects make them look small and cute. Or, lonely and sad.

    Image by Alireza Mirhadi

    In this video, I will go over a few ways to decide what focal length to use in your renders.

    Watch The Video

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  3. New Greyscalegorilla Store 5 Comments

    You may not have noticed it, but we quietly launched a brand new Greyscalegorilla Store about two months ago. We have wanted to add some features that our old store system just couldn’t handle. So, we decided to build our own store to give our customers and our support team a better experience. We kept it quiet for a bit just to be sure everything was working the way we wanted. But now we think it’s ready for it’s big launch.

    So, what did we change?

    Well, we added a few new features that we have always wanted. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that we added to help make everyones life quite a bit easier and to make customer support even better for everyone. Here are three things though, that I think will make the biggest difference for our customers.

    1. Automatic Updates and Downloads

    Get access to your software anywhere at any time with our new Updates Page. Now you can get a new download or update to the software you have purchased through us with less hassle. Just enter the email you used to purchase your software and receive an email with links to everything you have ever purchased from us including free updates.

    Not sure you have the latest version of one of your plugins? Use the same page and be sure you are all up to date.

    Visit The Updates Page

    2. Build Your Own Bundle

    Now you can build your own bundle in the GSG Store. Just add more to your cart and the discount will automatically be taken off your total price. Buy two products, get 10% off. Buy three and get 15%, Buy four or more and get 20% off. The more you buy the more you save.

    Not sure what to get? You can choose from some of our pre made bundles below.

    Get The Lighting Bundle


    Get the Everything Bundle


    3. New Product Pages

    We updated the product pages to be able to show off more about what our plugins and packs can do for you. We added a better “In Action” section that shows off how our customers use our products in real world projects. The new design also adds a “Featured Video” so you can see how each plugin works just by clicking play.

    Check out the New Store Page

    That is just a few things we have been working on behind the scenes to make our customer experience a bit better. Let us know what you think and if there is anything we can do to make things even easier for you.

    Thanks so much to Dave and the team for making this new store a reality.

    I really appreciate those of you who have supported Greyscalegorilla. It means a lot.

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  4. Welcome EJ Hassenfratz as a New Tutorial Artist on Greyscalegorilla 35 Comments

    We are always looking for the best tutorial artists to help teach you Cinema 4D. It can be hard to find a talented artist that is also willing to share their workflow. However, add being a great communicator and teacher on top of that and you have the formula for a fantastic tutorial artist. EJ Hassenfratz at Eyedesyn is one of those artists.

    We are so excited to welcome EJ Hassenfratz as an official GSG Educator. You can find some of our favorite tutorials from EJ on our tutorials page[1]. We are also looking forward to add some of his future videos, including GSG exclusive tutorials, soon. It’s been great to see EJ grow as a Tutorial artist over the last few years. His humble attitude and inquisitive “how’d they do that?” nature make him a perfect fit for GSG. Join us in welcoming EJ as a part of the Greyscalegorilla training team.

    Watch Some Tutorials From EJ.

    Eyedesyn’s Reel

    Follow Eyedesyn

    His stuff will also be posted on his own site, Eyedesyn.
    Follow EJ on twitter at @eyedesyn
    Check out EJ on Behance.
    Learn more about EJ at his About Page[2].

    1. Did you know you can filter the Tutorial page by Educator? Just click on the artists name on the left hand side and see only their tutorials.
    2. Holy crap, he won an Emmy?

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  5. Create a Wavy Band Surface in Cinema 4D 34 Comments

    In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the technique I came up with to recreate the nice, clean undulating bands in these spots:

    RocknRoller Studios for The Sound of Deep House
    WeAreSeventeen for Betfair

    I’ll start off by showing you my thought process and my first two failed attempts and see how I finally came to discover how to recreate this look. Cinema 4D has an amazing amount of useful tools and I had to think outside of the box (or cube) to figure this one out! The technique I demonstrate in this tutorial can be applied to many styles of mograph and hopefully helps you think out of the box next time you become stuck trying to figure out a technique!


    Visit Eyedesyn For More From EJ

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