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  1. Where Did The Reflection Channel Go In Cinema 4D? 23 Comments

    Maxon recently replaced the reflection channel in R16 with Reflectance. This quick video shows you how to set up your reflections to match R15 and before. Honestly, it’s mostly for anyone who may be watching any tutorial made before R16 and wondering where the reflection channel went. Well, here is how you can still follow along with older tutorials. But, when you are finished, learn more about reflectance and what it does.

    One more thing. The specular channel has also moved, but you can find that in the Reflectance channel as well. It’s on by default when you make a new texture.

    This all may be a bit confusing right now, but bear with us through this transition to Reflecantce. It will be worth it. Just remember, if you are following along with an older tutorial and the reflection dialogue looks different, it’s because of Reflectance.

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  2. Fast 3D Topographies in Cinema 4D Tutorial 87 Comments


    Inspired by these beautiful renders by Lee Griggs I set about figuring out how we might make in Cinema. This was the result.








    Rusty Swamp

    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to quickly be able to create an rolling fields of geometry by using the Hair Module and photos or noises for height and color. This technique is not only fast easy to set up and render, but offers a limitless playground to experiment with different looks and effects. Have fun!


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  3. What Version Of Cinema 4D Should I Buy? 24 Comments


    So, you are going to finally buy Cinema 4D? A real copy you can call your own? With support from the company and all the tools you need to do your job? Congrats! You earned it.

    And why not? You have probably spent hours learning C4D already. Maybe you are becoming a freelancer, or you need it for your professional studio. Either way, it’s about time you got a real deal official version.

    So, what version should you get?

    • Broadcast?
    • Studio?
    • Visualize?
    • Prime?

    Let me get straight to the point. The Studio version has everything.

    Buy the Studio edition.

    Honestly, I don’t know why they even have the other versions available. People must buy the other versions, but almost everyone I talk with owns Studio.

    You may be hoping for a huge comparison chart on what version of Cinema 4D to get. Maxon already has one. It’s long and full of every little feature. If you really want to get detailed about it, there you go.

    I know, you were hoping for a big discussion about if the Studio features are worth it over the Broadcast version. Let me save you the trouble… They are.

    Sure, you may be able to get away with not having some of the features of Studio. But soon you will have a client that requests a certain look or a tutorial we come out with that uses some of the Studio features.

    If you are serious about using Cinema 4D, get Studio and have every tool Cinema 4D makes.

    It’s probably not what you wanted to hear. It’s the most expensive one. But, if you are making a living off of this software and if you are as excited to play and make great work with Cinema 4D as much as I am, then you owe it to yourself to buy it all.

    If you have ever watched my tutorials, you know that I constantly use tons of features that are in Studio only. If you want to follow along with all of our tutorials (over 260 so far), you should get Studio.

    What Will I Miss If I Don’t Get Studio?

    • Dynamics! I put the biggest thing first. I use dynamics all the time.
    • Hair rendering. I’ve been using hair a LOT lately with X-Particles.
    • Most of the character tools are only in Studio.
    • You may want to play with Sketch and Toon. Studio only.
    • All the new sculpting tools are also only in Studio.
    • You won’t get all the great Content Browser stuff like free models and scene files.
    • You won’t have it ALL with anything but the Studio edition.

    Listen. Software is cheap. To be able to build, design, model, animate, an entire world for under $4000 bucks is amazing.

    If you are in any way making a living off of Cinema 4D, get studio and charge your clients for all the cool stuff you make.

    Seriously, Just get Studio.

    Where Should I Buy It?

    If you are looking for a no hassle, no phone call way to get Cinema 4D, get it from Toolfarm. They usually have the cheapest price, too.

    Actually, all the links above go to Toolfarm. They always seem to have the lowest price on Cinema 4D and have great customer service.

    Buy through these links and support Greyscalegorilla. We get a small commission every time you buy something from Toolfarm through one of our links.

    Ok, what are you waiting for, go get Cinema 4D and let’s have some fun making cool stuff.

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  4. Use the Pose Morph Tag to Morph Between Objects in Cinema 4D 20 Comments

    In this tutorial I’m going to show you a really cool workflow for animating or morphing between 2D style, illustrative objects using Cinema 4D. First, we will start by going over things to consider when designing your objects to achieve a nice morph. Then, I’ll introduce you to a super powerful feature that is normally reserved for character animation, the Pose Morph tag. I’ll demonstrate how to use the Pose Morph tag creatively and show how easy it is to record object states and then animate through the poses by simply keyframing sliders. Finally, I’ll show you how to add some overshoot to the morph animation to give it a nice organic bounce effect.

    Here’s one of my previous tutorials that shows you how to create the 2D illustrative materials using the Cel Shader that I’m using for the objects in this tutorial: Using the Cel Shader to Apply an Illustrative 2D Style to 3D Objects in C4D


    Visit Eyedesyn For More From EJ

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  5. Siggraph 2014 C4D Live Presentations 11 Comments

    Join us at SIGGRAPH 2014 for hours of live Cinema 4D tutorials and presentations from Vancouver. Visit C4D Live.

    As always, Maxon has brought together a great list of presenters to the booth to show off what artists can do with Cinema 4D. I saw quite a few of them yesterday while I was setting up, and there is some really great work being shown.

    I will be live at 12:30 PST on Tuesday and at 3:30 PST on Wednesday talking about the new Reflectance Channel and other new tools in Cinema 4D R16.

    Go to C4DLive to see a full schedule and check out the other presenters.

    Here is something I haven’t done before, but I want to give it a try. I will be giving away my scene files from my Live presentation. Sign up to the GSG Newsletter and I will send you my R16 scene files after it comes out in September plus other R16 goodies only for the newsletter subscribers.

    See you LIVE!

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