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  1. Rock Goo Tutorial Part 1 And 2 68 Comments

    This tutorial started as part of a “how’d they make that?” GSG Live Cast but it seemed fun enough to evolve into a full fledged tutorial.

    This tutorial is inspired by the work of CROWD Studio and TAVO‘s amazing animation for the ADC 93rd Annual Awards of Art.

    This tutorial covers a pretty specific topic, but inside it I cover a lot of tools you won’t normally see in your standard GSG tutorial so it may be worth your time even if you don’t think you’ll be needing some sticky goo inside a rock anytime soon. In part one I’ll show you some techniques for making a single volume mesh in the shape of a cluster of crystals or minerals. Robust clean models can be made this way using some tricks with dynamics, poly reduction, and the new bevel deformer. This has a lot of potential for very different structures.

    Part One

    In part two I’ll go through a bunch of different tricks prepare the geometry to be cut in two, then create and rig a mesh that looks and behaves like a sticky goo that is stuck to the surfaces of the rock. For this I cover some simple joint rigging, then move on to use the mesh deformer, smoothing deformer, and the pose morph tag to really sell the movement.

    Part Two

    Watch Part 3 Of This Tutorial Here

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  2. Free Cinema 4D R16 Scene Files For Newsletter Subscribers 30 Comments

    Cinema 4D R16 is finally out! And, as promised, we are sharing our R16 scene files with our Newsletter subscribers. If you are a current subscriber, check your Email inbox to get the download link.

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    Sign up now and download these R16 scene files below instantly. Everything is fully lit and textured. Ready to render and ready for you to play with and learn. We have other fun things planned just for our newsletter in the near future so I hope you stay with us.

    Below are the scene files that are included in the download.

    Black Spheres with 6 Layer Reflectance


    Interaction Tag Mouth Animation

    Cog Spline Dynamic Machine

    Car Paint Shader With Reflectance


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  3. 13 Cinema 4D Presentations From Siggraph 2014 28 Comments

    Every Cinema 4D Presentation from Siggraph was recorded and preserved thanks to Maxon USA. You can watch some of them at Cineversity or view below. Thanks again to Maxon USA for inviting all these great artists to present at the Maxon booth and to share these presentations with us so quickly after the show.

    Nick Campbell: Photoreal Texturing with Cinema 4D R16

    This is where I go on and on trying to explain the new Reflectance Channel in R16 and how it really works. It’s a powerful yet slightly confusing new addition to R16. Everything Is Reflection!

    Ryan Summers, 50 in 50: Production Tips From The Trenches

    Ryan from Imaginary Forces ambitiously tried to share 50 Cinema 4D tips in 50 minutes. However, it ended up taking about 2.5 hours. Not to worry though, they are all worth watching. Ryan goes out of his way to share a TON of great tips to make Cinema 4D even easier to use.

    Casey Hupke, Day 01 and 02: How to Recreate the Meteor from Final Fantasy

    Casey’s videos to make a Meteor in Cinema 4D spans over two days and includes a TON of different effects including Mograph, Effectors, and even X-Particles.

    Tomasz Opasinski: Cinema 4D for Movie Poster Design

    Tomasz Opasinski’s presentation is a wonderful look into his workflow creating Movie Posters for his clients using Cinema 4D. I really love his style and technique.

    Patrick Goski: What’s New in Cinema 4D Release 16

    This guy knows his stuff. In addition to being a great modeler, Patrick also shows you some of the new features in R16 in this video.

    Tim Clapham: The Division Titles and XPresso Driven Animation

    The one, the only, Tim Clapham! Tim goes over a few excellent projects he worked on including one for HBO. Tim’s work is always excellent. And, he is a great teacher.

    Lorcan O’Shanahan, Day 02: Enders Game Interface Design and Mograph Magic

    In this video, Lorcan goes over a little bit of everything including some HUD and screen elements for Ender’s Game and an impressive Xpresso Car rig he made.

    Josh Johnson: R16’s Motion Tracker and Other VFX Time-Savers

    In Josh’s presentation, he goes over how to use the new Motion Tracker in Cinema 4D R16. Toward the end of the presentation, he goes over some really cool X-Particle techniques.

    Matthias Zabiegly: How R16 Fueled RedBull Racing F1 Animation

    Matthias Zabiegly from Aixsponza shows you how he goes through an entire project from pitch to render using Cinema 4D.

    Manuel Casasola Merkle: R16 Workflow on Dreadnought Trailer & Arnold with C4D

    Manuel goes through how they used Cinema 4D to make a video game trailer for Dreadnought. He specifically goes over how to unwrap UVs and set up textures on models. Towards the end of the presentation he goes over the new Arnold renderer that is new for Cinema 4D.

    M dot Strange, Day 01: Character Animation & One-man Filmmaking with Cinema

    Day one features some Character animation tips including non-linear animation, Motion Camera, User Data and Vibrate tags.

    M dot Strange, Day 02: How C4D can Help Non-programmers Create 3D Video Games

    On day two, M dot Strange shows you how to make a video game with Cinema 4D and Unity. For real. Make your own video game. What are you waiting for?

    John Robson: Fake Particles, Fluid Sim and Photorealism for VFX

    John shares a lot of great looking stuff in his presentation. Just check out the hit list of stuff. Metaballs, Softbody Dynamics, Camera Shader, PolyFX, Tracer, Realflow, and the Maxwell Render. Yep. All of that and he makes it look GOOD!

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  4. GI Area Light Script for R16 – Light Kit Pro and Reflectance 28 Comments

    CherubGIAreaLightIn this short video, I go over adding GI Area Light to your scene to properly light with Reflectance. Reflectance has drastically changed how lighting and texturing works in Cinema 4D R16 but we are trying to make it as simple as possible with Light Kit Pro and our new script below.

    The real secret is the “GI Area Light” box. Be sure it’s checked if you are adding luminant geometry to your scene or using Light Kit Pro. It’s so important, we even made a script to make it super simple to add it to everything in your scene. Download and read the install instructions. Then, follow along in the video below to learn how to use Light Kit Pro and Luminant Geometry with Reflectance.

    Download The Script Here

    Install and Usage Instructions

    1. Un-zip the downloaded file above.
    2. Copy and paste it into your library/scripts folder in your Cinema 4D R16 install.
    3. Restart Cinema 4D
    4. Highlight any Light Kit Pro lights or luminance geometry in your scene.
    5. Select Scripts/User Scripts/Light Kit Pro/GI Area Light to activate.


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