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  1. First Look: TRANSFORM V1.2 13 Comments

    Here is our brand new demo reel for Transform featuring new effects and animations made with the latest version v1.2. This is our biggest update to Transform ever. It features brand new Poly modes and text effects to help make complex animations easy.

    This brand new version will be out tomorrow. This update will be free to existing customers and of course to anyone who buys today. Stay tuned for more videos and renders made with Transform v1.2.

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  2. Five Second Projects: Paradise 6 Comments

    Ahhh, summer. It was a rough winter here in Chicago, but we finally made it. Now it’s time for rooftop drinks, hangin’ out by the swimming pool, and creating our own version of paradise.

    Whether it’s snorkeling in the Caribbean or eating a whole box of cookies, we want to know what your idea of paradise is. Use the theme “Paradise” to create a five second animation and submit it on the Five Second Projects page. Our favorite videos will be featured in a post on the GSG site. Happy Rendering!

    See all of the entries over at

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  3. Creating an Illustrative 2D Style Ribbon in Cinema 4D 10 Comments


    In this tutorial I’m going to keep with the nice, 2D illustrative look theme and apply it to create those popular and trendy 2D style ribbon banners with 3D depth by using Cinema 4D. I’ll start by showing you how to use C4D’s Spline Wrap to create our ribbon along with some handy tips to sell that 2D illustrative look. Then, to get the flat 2D color, we’ll use materials created by the Cel Shader & Spline Shader. Finally, I’ll show you some creative ways to animate the ribbon to give it some nice organic movement. You’ll even learn some Latin! This tutorial has it all, huh?

    Again when working with Cinema 4D to create 2D vector looking art, be sure when you render to turn up the Anti-Aliasing settings as well as using a sharper Filter than Animation; such as Cubic (Still Image) or Sync so you have nice crisp edges in your animation to sell the 2D style.

    Here’s the tutorials I mention in this video that shows you how to create the 2D illustrative materials using the Cel Shader as well as the text material using a Spline Shader that is applied on the ribbon element:
    Using the Cel Shader to Apply an Illustrative 2D Style to 3D Objects in C4D
    Using the Spline Shader in C4D to Create Text as a Material


    Watch The Tutorial

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  4. Introducing The SuperText Super Preview 11 Comments

    SuperText is a new plugin that we created to help make animating type and vector logos even easier. Use SuperText with MoText and Transform to create tons of different polygon, texture and subdividing effects. In this video, Chris will go over what exactly Supertext does and how it can help make text animation and texturing easier for your next animation.

    Like all of our plugins, all of what you are about to see is procedural so you can change your text at any time. Chop up and subdivide your text without making anything editable.

    What Exactly Does SuperText do?

    • Easily and Evenly Subdivide Your Text – For polygon or chunking effects with Transform.
    • Fix Cubic Projections – to make all your textures perfectly stick to your type with one click.
    • Bake Geometry While Keeping Your Text Parametric – to fix typefaces for rendering or sharing with clients.

    Look for SuperText soon. It will be included in our upcoming release of Transform v1.2.

    Watch The Preview

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