The Happy Toolbox 3D Model Pack Vol. 1


Ever wish you could hire an art director to design an entire world for your next project? Have you ever scoured the web looking for 3D models for your client, but have them all lack a similar style or vibe? Or any style at all for that matter.

Greyscalegorilla is proud to introduce you to The Happy Toolbox Model Pack!

180 whimsical 3D models for your next project! Each one designed and created by the playful minds of The Happy Toolbox.

What makes these models amazing is not that they are fully prepped for production (sub-d ready and fully UV’d), BUT that they are all of a consistent style and are all born from the same world.

The Happy Toolbox Model Pack is perfect for broadcast graphics, motion design, explainer videos, and anything that could use a little charm.

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Who is the Happy Toolbox?

The Happy Toolbox is a 3D design studio built for people who have been searching for simple, stylistically unified models—but never found them. We’re happy to say that the search is over. Our goal is to provide carefully crafted 3D direction—one polygon at a time—through easy-to-use model packs and custom 3D solutions.

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 textures not included

 What’s Included?

  • 180 Unique Models in both .lib4d format (C4D) and FBX (3dsMax, Maya, Element 3D, etc). Both in Low and High Polygon Versions.
  • All models are Subdivision Surface friendly.
  • Fully UV’d and ready for texturing.
  • Intuitively modeled into separate parts for easy animation.
  • “NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.


City Building Blocks

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What’s Required?

  • If you’d like to use the included .lib4d files for easy browsing, Cinema 4D R16 and above is required.
  • If you use another 3D Application (Maya, 3ds Max, etc), you just need to check that FBX files are supported.

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Never before has such a unique and original model kit been assembled in one package. These models have been bringing a smile to our faces since we began playing with them. They have an inescapably fun vibe that we think is quite infectious. We can’t wait to see what worlds you build with them.

Looking for more models? Check out The Happy Toolbox Vol. 2. 180 more 3D models to help you create your own outdoor adventure, adorable home, retro convenience store, or charming workshop.

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Product Details
Release date:2017-10-11
Last updated:2017-10-12
Current version:1.0
Product type:3D Model Library
File format:.lib4d and FBX
File size:835mb
Requirements:C4D R16 and Above for Use of the .lib4d file, otherwise any app that accepts FBX models
Price:$189.00 USD

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