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Q&A With Beeple About His Latest Animation, ZERO-DAY

September 23, 2015 - By 

Beeple has been posting his creative work every day for over 3000 days straight. If that wasn’t enough, he recently posted ZERO-DAY, the most recent animation in his “instrumental video” series.

We asked him a few questions about his process for ZERO-DAY and about how in the heck he continues to stay so prolific?

Thanks for answering some questions about your new project, Mike. You seem like such a motivated and hard working guy. What keeps you going with all these great projects?

Hahaha, honestly I really don’t feel like that. I feel like it’s a constant struggle to stay focused and productive each day. Damn you interwebz and your engaging content!! 🙂

No, I think the main thing that motivates me is seeing all the amazing work out there and wanting to try to make something like it. The main motivations for this piece were people who do amazing robot and mech designs like Vitaly Bulgorov, Aaron Beck, Greg Broadmore, Mike Nash etc.

What inspired you to make Zero-Day?

Well this is part of a larger “instrumental video” series that I’ve been working on for the last 10+ years. If you look at “IV.10” and “instrumental video nine” it’s the pretty clear next step. I really like making audio and video super tightly synced as I think it illicits some sort of visceral response.

Based on the themes from Transparent Machines and Zero Day, you seem to have some thoughts on the way technology is changing society. Would you say you are optimistic or pessimistic about the future of a tech connected world?

I would say I am cautiously optimistic. I think technology is doing a huge amount of good and will continue to. I do think there are some potential pitfalls but I think things are changing so fast that there really isn’t gonna be a lot of time to stop and realize if things are getting fucked until it’s too late.

I think these videos might come across as paranoid or very pessimistic but they are really more sort of exaggerations of a worst case sci-fi scenario. There is plenty of technologies like AR, VR, self-driving cars, etc. that I am BEYOND jacked up for. I think these things have the *potential* to be extremely positive for society.

ZERO-DAY Process Video

What was the most difficult part about this project?

Hmmm, I think just sort of defining the scope of the project. I really never have a clear idea about where these things are going when I start. I shit you not, at one point the second half of the film was gonna have a bunch of snippets of 70’s porn on the walls and the film was gonna be more about like how we have this weird machine fetish culture. I even downloaded a bunch of old porn and edit it in to see how it would look. HAHAHA. So this shit is really all over the place until the very end. At best i have a loose grasp on where the hell this shit is going.

The audio is so great and very integrated to the animation for Zero Day. What was the process like with working with Standingwave?

I’ve known Kyle for a very long time and he did the sound design on Transparent Machines, Subprime, etc. This was the first time though that I’ve had someone else do the music for an “instrumental video”. Which was a bit of a learning curve but Kyle does amazing work and he killed it. Never ceases to come up with great ideas or push things in directions I never thought of.

I’ve noticed you using Octane more. How has Octane Changed your Design or Animation Process?

Honestly it’s very hard for me to imagine going back to the standard renderer. Not until the put in a live viewer at least. Can’t overstate how amazing and helpful that is. Really changes everything for someone like me who has no idea what they’re doing and is just pushing buttons until something looks cool.

One last thing. What is your favorite artist to listen to when working?

Oh god, I could sit here and be like, I love all this super obscure cool crap (which i usually do) but lately I’ve been listening to just fucking horrible shitty like 90’s rap music like puff daddy and like nelly and shit. HHAHAH, so fucking random and weird. I’m this fucking nerdy ass middle aged white dude all dressed up sitting in his basement alone making robot animations listening to DMX… LOLOL. WTFFFF.


AskGSG Season One Recap And A Preview Of Season Two

September 21, 2015 - By 

Thanks to everyone for making season one of ASKGSG amazing. From the great questions, the generous support on Patreon, and the incredibly helpful chatroom we were able to create dozens of episodes.

Season Two Starts This Week!

We’re gearing up for season two beginning on Wednesday the 23rd of September. Mark your calendar, get those questions ready and ask Nick and Chris LIVE. We have so much more in store including special guests and special tutorials only for people who watch live. See you then!


Half Rez Hangover

September 10, 2015 - By 

I woke up this morning and thought back at last night’s Half Rez with a huge smile on my face and a full heart. What a great night!

I wish I had more time to talk to each and every one of you that were able to join us. I met people from all over the world that traveled to hang out and say hi. Amazing!

It’s truly humbling to see an event like this happen. The Chicago motion graphics community has always been an inviting and warm place to share and talk about what we love to do, but last night was something else entirely.

Thank You

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to Half Rez. It wouldn’t be the same without you there.

Thank you to our sponsors! Without them, the night could not happen. A big shout out to MaxonUSA and Insydium for their huge support. Please let them know we appreciate them!

Half Rez Sponsors

Thank you to everyone who helped out last night. Your generosity and talent helped make Half Rez a top class event.

It’s so great to see this event grow into what it has. I’m honored and lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Nick Campbell


Half Rez 2015 Bumpers

September 10, 2015 - By 

Welcome to Half Rez

This year we reached out to David Brodeur to create some bumpers for Half Rez 4. We wanted to share these with everyone who couldn’t join us in person. Thanks also to Zelig Sound for doing the sound design.

Half Rez Looping Animation

Sponsor Animation

David was nice enough to put together a breakdown of his process.

Scene Breakdown

Audio by Zelig Sound


Five Second Project “Emoji” Winners

September 4, 2015 - By 


Holy moly! It took a year, but we finally picked the winners for the last Five Second Project from LAST september. Sorry for the wait everyone! Congratulations to SioPio for winning!! You successfully got us all to laugh with your “Eww” humor and oh so clever title!

There were so many great entries, that we have to give credit to a few others that caught our eye below in the Honorable Mentions section.

Big News

OK, I’m pretty excited about this. We are bringing the Five Second Projects back for another season! We have a lot of surprises and new things this year so stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook for announcements when the new Five Second Project come out.

Never done a five second project? Not sure what it is? Check out this page and we will see you back here soon.

Honorable Mentions