Beeple (aka Mike Winkleman)

Artist, Creator of Everydays

“YESSSSSSS!!! The new material collection from Greyscalegorilla is fucking badass, use them a ton in my Everydays. The thing I really like is it’s all built into the content browser already for every renderer so you’re not fucking around setting shit up. drag / drop. peep dat!”

“The new GorillaCam plug-in is a great way to get some nice movement without a lot of dicking around and Signal is a baller plugin that saves a ton of time and is great for looping shit!!”

“The new HDRI Link plugin, and the new 12K skies, is seriously an absolutely must-have plugin if you work with HDRIs.”

Julie Craft

Freelance Motion Designer and Animator, and one of the founders of Detroit-based artist collective, Boxfort.

“The Greyscalegorilla Plus library helps me move past the ‘blank canvas’ stage of a project. The ability to flip through HDRI’s and try out different lighting scenarios and  materials and make adjustments in a logical way — without spending time browsing or creating textures from scratch — is essential to my workflow.”

“My go to lighting kit is Pro Studios Metal and Area Light Maps which offer many combinations to achieve precise highlights and experiment with new approaches that I might not normally think of in the standard lights in Redshift, and both are so fast to implement with the HDRI Link.”

“Greyscalegorilla Plus lets me jump in and get great initial results to get the inspiration going.”

Daniel Zucco

Freelance 3D Artist & Motion Director

“Greyscalegorilla Plus is the most comprehensive platform for 3D materials, plug-ins and tutorials around. The HDRI Link brightens up my day.”

Nick DenBoer

 Director, Animator and Video Artist

“Greyscalegorilla products have become an essential part of my workflow; almost every scene I create makes use of HDRI link, whether it’s for final renders or look development.”

“Having the entire ever-growing Greyscalegorilla Plus catalog at my fingertips has cut a lot of the tedious part of creation out of my workflow. I use Signal on almost all projects — from controlling lighting options, to character animation. It’s a really amazing animation tool especially when synching timing to music. The ability to rifle through lighting options has also sped up my workflow dramatically while the materials collection is a must-have.”

“I learned Cinema 4D from early Greyscalegorilla tutorials. They have been a huge help to my career for over a decade now.”

Sekani Solomon

Senior Motion Design Lead, Cash App

“What I love most about Greyscalegorilla Plus is how accessible it is. The nested interface within Cinema 4D makes it a breeze to flip through different materials and other assets.”

“What’s also amazing is it allows me to iterate faster and thus do better work. I’d recommend it to those wanting to speed up their process and improve their projects!’

Nik V.

 CEO, R4D Studio

“With Greyscalegorilla Plus you can discover, learn and create all in one place. Whether you are a student or an industry pro, the ever-growing Plus library makes it easy to perfect your craft and stay updated on the latest industry trends.”

“The Greyscalegorilla Plus meticulously crafted materials, powerful plug-ins and professional training are welcome additions to your creative arsenal. The new car paints, in particular, make it easy to achieve great and customizable results — they are truly the best on the market.”

Bri Marie

3D Artist at Facebook Reality Labs

“The HUB is a great tool for any 3D creator particularly for helping you optimize workflows and productivity. Instead of spending too much time making materials or searching for a good HDRI online, it’s all in one place… AND you know you’ll find what you’re looking for. Having a library of professional materials can assist those struggling to start from scratch.”

 “I’ve been a GSG user since I first started doing 3D design back in college. I watched all the tutorials and they really got me through some assignments without frustration (and tears haha). 3D software is intimidating at first – I’m so thankful that there are platforms out there like GSG because it makes learning 3D easy and accessible. To be honest, I consider GSG Plus such a valuable tool that I think every 3D motion designer should invest in it.”

David Brodeur

Digital Artist known as Brilly and Animation Professor, Ringling College of Art and Design

“It is not hard to find what projects I use Greyscalegorilla Plus tools on because I use them in practically every piece of art I create. The tools are built by some of the most talented and creative artists I have ever met.”

“One of my favorite aspects about Greyscalegorilla Plus products is that they are at the highest level of professional engineering and designer friendly.”

Dave Koss

Partner, Mograph.com

“What we love about Greyscalegorilla Plus is the ability to have just about any standard material ready to go on the fly. Not having to worry about searching for materials on the internet is such a time-saver!”

Clinton Jones

Director and 3D artist known as Pwnisher

“I became proficient in Cinema 4D through Greyscalegorilla, which equipped me with the technical knowledge necessary to create the cinematic images I see in my head. The team has outdone themselves with Greyscalegorilla Plus. It’s easily the most well-rounded, time-saving third party package for Cinema 4D. Greyscalegorilla Plus takes care of the technical side of 3D, freeing me up to easily create my best work. For me, there’s no going back.”

Ash Thorp

Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Creative Director

“My work can be very demanding and having resources like GSG Plus helps me work more efficiently with tools that help me get my vision across with my projects. I have been using GSG products for many years now and always find great value on both my personal and client work.”

Trevor Kerr

Designer, Technical Director

“Greyscalegorilla’s materials and texture packs are world-class. New to design or industry veteran, an asset everyone should have on their toolbelt!”

Noah Camp

3D Type Artist, Illustrator, and Animator

“GreyscaleGorilla has been with me from the start of my self-taught career as a 3D artist. They taught me the basics years ago, and have consistently provided high-quality education at the professional level ever since. I use GSG Plus plugins every day in my workflow, from HDRI link to materials to Signal.”

“My favorite part of the Plus Membership is the ability to install everything at once, making it seamless and easy to frequently upgrade software. This is a must-have when you are a Maxon subscriber. The constant addition of numerous products to the membership is a great bonus as well!”

David Ariew

“Greyscalegorilla Plus is a one-stop-shop for plug-ins and assets that make artist lives easier, as well as a heap of excellent training on major 3D packages like Cinema 4D and Houdini. With their extensive training for all the third-party render engines, and everything they offer, you really can’t go wrong with Greyscalegorilla Plus.”


Paul Babb

Global Head of Marketing at Maxon

“For more than a decade, the Greyscalegorilla team has been the first stop for essential resources and training for new and seasoned Cinema 4D users. Their new Greyscalegorilla Plus subscription product delivers incredible value – must-have plugins, exceptional materials and assets and pro training – to help 3D artists get the most out of C4D.”

Frederic Servant

Sr. Software Development Manager, Autodesk

“At Autodesk, we are excited to see the roll-out of Greyscalegorilla Plus. As production demands continue to grow, resources like this will make a world of difference for artists around the world using Cinema 4D and Arnold, helping them accelerate workflows and build their skills. We look forward to seeing where the platform goes from here.”

Nic Burtnyk

CEO, Redshift

“The Greyscalegorilla team is highly-regarded for their ability to educate and facilitate 3D artists. The combination of GSG’s available resources and rendering expert Chad Ashley’s training videos make Greyscalegorilla Plus one of the premier offerings for learning, understanding and using Redshift.”

Jules Urbach

CEO and Founder of OTOY, Inc.

“We created OctaneRender to democratize high end 3D content creation, giving anyone the tools to produce Hollywood level CGI. Greyscalegorilla Plus has been a tremendous partner in expanding the OctaneRender ecosystem, providing educational resources and assets like materials, HDRIs, and textures that help empower artists to realize their creative visions. We are thrilled to support Greyscalegorilla Plus in the OctaneRender community.”

Ty Christensen

CEO, Pixel Plow

“Greyscalegorilla Plus is a tremendous timesaver for motion graphics artists. Their goal of achieving ever-progressing usefulness is evident in the resources they provide, so much so that you’ll likely wonder why they aren’t native features of Cinema 4D.”

EJ Hassenfratz

School of Motion Creative Director

“One of the most important aspects of creating artwork is using high quality assets and resources. Finding, curating and organizing those high-end assets is incredibly expensive and time consuming. At School of Motion it was a no-brainer to team up with Greyscalegorilla to provide Greyscalegorilla Plus to our students. Plus provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that is jam packed with resources that allow them to experiment with different looks and create beautiful work super-fast.”