Greyscalegorilla Podcast Episode 43: These are a few of our favorite things from 2016

December 29, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we share with you some of our favorite things from 2016.

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Show Notes

Thanks To Zachary Robinson and Layerframe for helping with the Podcast.

Nick’s 360 Ski Video in SLC

Nick Picks

Draplin Design Co. Pretty Much Everything

Tools Of Titans Tim Ferriss

Neewer Ring Light


Best Standing Desk

Aaron Draplin takes the logo design challenge

Chris Picks

RazorZone Laptop (Hardware)

One Note (Software)

Mr Coffee Ice Tea Brewing System

The Witch (Movie)

r/CatastrophicFailure/ (Sub-Reddit)

One Punch Man (TV Show)

Chad Picks

Project Fi

Google Pixel

TGT Wallet

S Biner

Kershaw Knives

Fenix Flashlights

Hue Lights



Greyscalegorilla Podcast: How To Deal With Procrastination In Creative Work

December 20, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about Procrastination and how to deal it with work and personal projects. Also, chad unboxes his new Google Pixel phone.

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Show Notes
HDRI Studio Rig Update
HDRI Link Teaser Video
Vray 3.4
Neat video De-Noiser
Tomato Timer
Just Do It
Google Pixel


36 Best Cinema 4D Tutorials From Greyscalegorilla 2016

December 19, 2016 - By 

Our goal here at Greyscalegorilla is to provide Motion Designers with the best C4D and animation tutorials and workflow plugins on the planet. But sometimes we put out SO MUCH STUFF, it can be hard to watch it all.

That’s why we narrowed it down to our 36 picks for our favorite tutorials of 2016.

Much More Than The Usual Tutorials

Among our usual long form project based tutorials, we also did a video about the differences between Arnold, Octane, and Physical. We also went over What’s new in Cinema 4D R18. We made our first Arnold and Octane tutorials, and we even helped make a documentary about the origin of Motion Graphics.

This and much more can be found below along with over 400 more tutorials on our Tutorials Page. Browse below and catch up on some of our favorites from the last year.

Happy Rendering!

Cinema 4D R18 is HERE!

Create a Graffiti Logo in Cinema 4D

Using the Octane Dirt Node

The First Plugin: The Origin Of Motion Design

How To Make A Dynamic Title Card In Cinema 4D

Place and Deform Objects Along a Surface in Cinema 4D

Setup an Interactive Render Window in Cinema 4D for Faster Feedback

Quick Tip: Octane Random Color Node

3 Favorite X-Particles Modifiers + Arnold Integration Technique

Intro to Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D

Siggraph 2016 Maxon Presentation Videos

Three Ways to Use the Arnold Curvature Map

Create Melting Objects in Cinema 4D

Octane vs Arnold vs Physical – What Renderer is Right for You?

How to Create the Inflatable Object Series – Part 1

Creating Glass Sculptures In Cinema 4D

How To Animate A Blinking Title Card With Mograph and Cinema 4D

10 Cinema 4D Recordings From YouTube and Twitch

Building and Animating a Hexagon Landscape In Cinema 4D

Create the “Micro Jelly” frame using SSS, GSG HDRI Studio and Octane

Create A Fast Dynamic Particle System Using X-Particles

Create an “All Fuzzed Out” Spike Ball with Mograph and Effectors

X-Particles Avoidance in Cinema 4D

Make A Classic Metal Logo In Cinema 4D

Create your own Daily Render Animated Candy Blob GIF

How to Create a Plastic Texture in Cinema 4D

Your Depth Pass is Wrong.

Three Color Correction Basics To Add To Every 3D Render

How to Create Pixel Art Renders in Cinema 4D

Rigging and Animating Whaley

How to Make a Dynamic Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man from Scratch

Add Hair To A Character In Cinema 4D

Shatter An Object In Cinema 4D R18 with Voronoi Fracture

Getting Started With Arnold Renderer For Cinema 4D

Getting Started With Cinema 4D: Intro To Cinema 4D Dynamics

Create A Microscopic Look In Cinema 4D


HDRI Studio Rig 2.142 Update

December 15, 2016 - By 

Attention HDRI Studio Rig Customers:

Update to HDRI Studio & Browser to version 2.142
New Features:
  • HDRI Studio’s Icon can be double clicked in the Object Manager to open HDRI Browser quickly.
  • New “Show all” feature in HDRI Browser to view every single HDRI in your collection at one time.
  • HDRI Browser remembers all settings when layout is saved
  • HDRI Studio and Browser are now compatible with Cinema 4D’s Take system so you can quickly iterate through different looks.
  • In R18 HDRI Browser loads the low-res version of the selected HDRI into the viewports “Environmental override” channel. This allows a realtime preview of the HDRI in the viewport when OpenGL with Reflections is turned on.
  • HDRI Browser can be linked to remote “Packs” folder via the “Change Directory” option. This allows for a large collection of HDRIs to live on a different drive and for multiple versions of C4D to share the same folder saving you from having to duplicate potentially tens of gigabits worth of HDRIs
Bug Fixes:
  • R18 Reflective floor bug fixed
HDRI Expansion Pack Customers note:

In this update you may notice that your HDRI Expansion pack names have changed and now match what is found in our online store. We apologize in advance if this change causes any missing texture errors, however they are easily remedied by re-selecting the appropriate HDRI in the Browser. This new naming system will allow for us to create a better on-going experience for our customers.

If you own HDRI Studio Rig, you can download your update in the customer area. Don’t own it? We can fix that! Check it out here!


Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Are You A Noob?

December 14, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about how to learn faster and what to do when you find yourself the worst one in the room. Let’s learn how to learn and find the right techniques to become a professional Motion Designer.

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Show Notes
Golden Globes Nominees
Google Pixel Phone
HDRI Studio Rig Update
CG Garage Podcast
Blur Studios
Ivan’s Site
Carbon Studios


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