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Hand-Crafted Perfection

Material Collections

Generate beautiful, unique renders in no time with our hand-crafted drag-and-drop material collections.

  • High resolution materials
  • Tileable textures
  • Drag-and-drop workflow
  • Ready for Redshift, Octane, and Arnold

Every creative should have access to great materials.

Compatible with Redshift, Octane, and Arnold, exclusively in Cinema 4D.

Here is why our Material Collections are the best

Drag-and-drop materials

Pre-built shaders so you can just drop these fully assembled materials into your project.

4K Tileable Textures

High Resolution and ready to scale and wrap around your objects of any size.

Customizable Textures

Select materials include built in parameters to help you easily adjust colors and finishes.

Premium Material Collections

Quickly find the exact look you need with 1400+ materials and textures. Just drag, drop and go

Paper Material Collection

40 different hand-crafted papers available ranging from butcher paper to crepe paper, watercolor paper to graph paper.

Paper Material Collection

Terrazzo Material Collection

80 high quality bold terrazzo materials, using 40 distinct color combinations in both dense and subtle dispersions.

Terrazzo Material Collection

Metal Material Collection

100 high quality materials encompassing a wide range of metals and metallic finishes.

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Neon Material Collection

10 top-notch Cinema 4D materials designed to be true, brilliant neon.

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Car Paint Material Collection

38 custom-built car paint materials for all of your automotive render needs (and beyond.)

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Tech Product Material Collection

A robust collection of materials for use in product visualization renders. Exclusive to Plus.

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Modern Surface Material Collection

Create stylish mid-century aesthetics with 250+ modern and elegant textures.

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Everyday Material Collection

Your essential collection of 350+ hand-crafted materials. For use on every project.

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Textures and More

Finishing touches for realistic renders

Surface Imperfections: Dry Ink

50 high-resolution textures to get you some ink-redible renders in Cinema 4D.

Surface Imperfections: Dry Ink

Surface Imperfections: Crust

50 high-resolution textures to add some grit and grime to your perfect surfaces in Cinema 4D.

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Surface Imperfections: Smudges

50 high-resolution textures to add smudges, smears, and water damage to your perfect 3D surfaces, giving them depth and realism.

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Surface Imperfections: Scratches

High quality 4K tileable textures you can use to scratch up your perfect surfaces and add realism.

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Texture Kit Pro

Over 600 custom Cinema 4D materials.

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Gorilla Grade LUTs

Add excellent color grading to elevate your renders.

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Dust Elements

3D animated dust alembics and 4K dust overlays for subtle realistic touches.

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